Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Femm. Alba - Oristano

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The positive series of Langarole continues, which, in the tenth day of the championship, meet at San Cassiano the Sardinian team of Atletico Oristano of Mr. Manuela Tesse.

And 'the summit meeting of the day, a direct confrontation between two teams stationed in the first two places in the standings of only 3 points.
Atletico Oristano is presented at the race with only twelve effective due to injuries but Mr. Tesse is able to deploy a team very solid in defense and with a very large midfield ready to exploit the verticalizations of Pamela Gueli.
La Femminile Alba is presented at the third weekly meeting after Wednesday of winning recovery against Amicizia Lagaccio and the "technical duo" Dilej-Genovesio deploys a similar formation at the last meeting with offensive summit formed by Luciano, Montecucco and Mascarello.
From the first beats of the game you understand that Atletico Oristano did not come to Alba to collect only a draw and the verticalizations on Gueli put in serious difficulty the defense department Albese formed by Delodi, Greppi, Russo Ludovica and Vanessa Lavarone and, at 5 'own Gueli, in doubt offside, is in front of Federica Russa who neutralizes the weak low shot.
Alba continues his game in midfield looking for the right tip on the points and when he does not find the right gap he tries with shots from distance and at 10 'and 15' captures two sensational crosses with Mascarello and Barberis.
At the 20 'a beautiful solitary action and subsequent low shot crossed in the area of ​​captain Luciano sees the pole deny the joy of the advantage of langarorolo.
At 30 ', however, is Atletico Oristano to take the lead with the usual Pamela Gueli, who in speed can pierce Federica Russo with a diagonal crossed on his right.
The Alba accuses the blow but does not break up and continues to create a game in midfield but the first half ends with Atletico Oristano in the lead and unfortunately with the replacement of Vanessa Lavarone who after a fortuitous clash of the game accuses a bad blow to the knee and must give way to Francesca Ballocco.
The second half does not start in the best way for Alba who sees his captain Barbara Luciano abandon the field due to injury and replacing the young Giorgia Aloi.
The match and the attitude of the teams on the pitch does not change and the Oristano is always dangerous on the restart and proves solid in defense and with the extreme defender always careful between the posts.
The midfield albese continues to "grind" the game with Ambrosi, Barberis and Mascarello and in attack Aloi, Montecucco and Cattaneo look for the right passage but it is always a matter of inches that the right cue does not arrive and looks like a haunted day.
At 61 'however, Arianna Montecucco receives a three-quarter ball from Mascarello and, missed the direct opponent, defila on the left and from the edge of the area lets start a blow whose parable slips under the intersection of the opposite poles and signs the deserved draw.
The Oristano is not disunite and the verticalizations on Pamela Gueli always put the defense department in apprehension but in turn Delodi, Russo Ludovica and an omnipresent Alice Greppi keep watch and limit the Sardinian offensive department.
In attack the Alba continues to look for the right cue, the shot from outside but as they would say on TV ..... NOT GO .... Giorgia Aloi creates havoc with drunken serpentines but at the last moment is almost always stopped.
It seems to have passed a life after the draw goal of Montecucco, instead only 5 minutes later and precisely at the 66 ', Ambrosi from the right crosso in the area where Montecucco nods a ball head that Aloi in the area masterfully and right legally strikes Leoni that little can see the shot from close range.
It's the winning goal, but in the end there are still 25 minutes and the fatigue of the three matches in a week in the Albanians is felt and just at the end, on punishment on the edge of the area, Oristano touches the draw and Federica Russo must fly to foil the direct dish at the intersection of the poles.
It ends therefore with a victory of the Alba the direct confrontation with the Atletico Oristano which has proved to be team of absolute value both from the point of view of character and from the technical point of view and that the defections of training for accidents have certainly limited approach to the race.

Female Alba: Russo, Lavarone (42 'Ballocco), Delodi, Ambrosi, Greppi, Russo, Barberis (80' Casetta), Luciano, Cattaneo (52 'Aloi), Montecucco, Mascarello. Available to Genovesio / Dilej: bullshit, Dogliani, Zabellan, Gallo.

Oristano: Leoni, Pinna, Pieri, Esu, Carta, Carai, Agus, Arzedi, Solinas, Sotgiu, Gueli. Available to Manuela Tesse: Razzoli

Massimo Montecucco (Alba Women's Press Officer)


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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