Tuesday, October 15 2019
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It is an angry Luserna for the defeat of Genoa that took the field today against the Tuscan Real Aglianese forcing him for almost 85 minutes in his own half.

The beginning is drumming: in the first half hour they try all the forward and the midfielders but the conclusions break against the defensive wall of the guests who defend themselves with 9 and sometimes actual 10.
In the first 15 minutes Bruno, Moretti and Spanu try.
At fifteen minutes a conclusion by Bruno is sent to the corner by the visiting goalkeeper.
A conclusion of Curcio after an insistent action goes beyond the crossbar. It's Annalisa Favole's turn: the twenty-meter turn ends at the side of half a meter.
At 32 'the first sortie of the guests ends with an easy parade of Campanino. The Luserna begins again with an action that develops to the left to free Curcio from the opposite side. The lob conclusion overtakes the goalkeeper but Spanu arrives late at the far post. Shortly after Massarelli from the baseline puts a center area for Moretti whose conclusion commits the goalkeeper: on defending a defender messing the ball is picked up by Mazzuchetti who concludes high. The time ends with an exit from the goalkeeper who anticipates Bruno.
Incredibly, the fraction ends on the 0-0. The recovery confirms the trend of the first half. In the first 5 minutes two of Bruno's conclusions have no luck. Moretti from 10 meters high. A minute later he returns with a disruptive descent to the left. Arrived at the bottom still misses an opponent and from close range closes safely but the goalkeeper with a miracle sends in a corner. On the beat from the flag stands taller than all the captain Bosi who crushes his head on the net.
Two minutes later Curcio from the right has something to do with Bruno: the conclusion is rejected but there is ambush, Moretti, who realizes. Bosi tries again but this time the conclusion has no luck.
At the 14 'Bruno after a stubborn free action Moretti that is anticipated in the corner. At the 20 'Bruno finds the goal also punctual to head over a cross by D'Ancona, who took over from 10 minutes to Ippolito. After 5 minutes, Mazzuchetti puts in the middle for Moretti who has no difficulty pushing into the net.
At 45 'Alice Sacchi is in front of Campanino: he tries to pass it with a lob that the goalkeeper intercepts.
These are the most striking actions of a race in which the valleys have concluded ten times in the door mirror and at least another fifteen on the side.
In short, a peremptory answer to those who thought that last week's defeat left negative aftermath. Five minutes from the end of the fourteen year-old Valentina Puglisi's absolute debut, who after having come to the fore in the spring team would also have the opportunity to score but be gripped by emotion.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Ippolito (from 10 st D'Ancona), Curcio, Falbo, Massarelli, Favole A., Moretti (from 31 st Boggio), Spanu (from 41 st Puglisi), Mazzuchetti. Allor Zorri. 12 Camarchio, 13 Felizia, 17 Trapani.

REAL AGLIANESE: Sacchi Francesca, Oriano, Sacchi Alice, Aliai, Lamparelli, Bonacchi, Bugiani, Puopolo, Galvani, Mariani, Mannucci (from 21 st Secchi). Herds Maniscalco and Esposito.

REFEREE: Mezzalira of Varese

NETWORKS: Bosi 6 st; Moretti 8 st; Bruno 20 st; Moretti 24 st.

Luserna press office

In photography: Annalisa Favole

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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