Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Genoa still haunted by the Luserna

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Another defeat in Genoa after two of last season. Unlike last year when the team suffered the opponent, today has held the initiative for a long time and only a miracle of the home goalkeeper one minute from the end has denied the balance after all deserved by the girls of Mr. Zorri.

The first half is all of Luserna brand with the opponents unable to set a maneuver worthy of the name for over half an hour.
At the 1 'on the cross from the left the ball ends up on the head of Annalisa Favole who directs well but can not give strength allowing the intervention of the goalkeeper. At the 13 'still the young playmaker tries on a free kick but the conclusion does not find the door.
After seven minutes, a double conclusion by Favole and Trapani are replied by the defense.
At the 24 'valleys deservedly in the lead: action left by the sisters Favole then all of the first Moretti - Trapani that frees Spanu and the latter leaves no way out to the goalkeeper.
Shortly after a free-kick by Curcio diagonally on which nobody intervenes, it is not surprising that the home keeper is saved in the corner. Following an attempt by the left of Trapani ends slightly to the side.
At the 32 'Molassana is seen from the parts of Campanino: Tortarolo a few meters from the door concludes without fail but the goalkeeper is not surprised and deflects in the corner.
Two more conclusions of Luserna before a hard intervention on Stefania Favole forces the young outside to leave the pitch. While preparing to replace with a sudden change in front Molassana fishing the last year's top scorer, Coppolino, on the free right where there is the gap left by Favole: his right diagonal strikes the base of the opposite pole and ends on the net.
The second half begins with the most determined landlords. Bruno replaces Stefania Favole and once again D'Ancona defensive ladder.
La Molassana decidedly decided to try to double and on Luserna's attempts he systematically applied the tactical foul in midfield, in particular on the game builders Curcio and Favole without the referee intervening with the cards. The race gets nervous and the referee loses control of the same dissenting both the contenders type a second punishment in the area (are still considering that only on the hand fouls is assessed voluntary?), And then cancel the resulting network.
After a couple of dangers the biancazzurra defense capitulates to the 24 ': on a cross from the left, Oliviero entered from a few minutes and finds himself all alone in the area and ends in power. From this moment until the end the Luserna attack full force forcing the landlords in their own half. Try a counterattack Coppolino but the lob ends out. Then only Luserna: the good opportunity happens on the feet of Spanu who can not find the coordination on the rejected goalkeeper on a conclusion of Trapani.
A minute from the end of the occasion mentioned at the beginning: punishment from the 20 meters. Curcio's conclusion overcomes the barrier and the goalkeeper who seems to be in the counterbeat puts a piece of foot back.
The Luserna loses the first race but still gives the feeling for more than an hour of being the owner of the field and having legs and heart for all ninety minutes.
Next Sunday, 7 December, home engagement against Real Aglianese.
The spring race against Turin is still undergoing a postponement. Saturday the camp looked more like a swimming pool than a football field.


MOLASSANA BOERO: Gadaleta. Monti. Putti. Manconi. Cortelli. Belloni. De Blasio. Coppola (from 31 st Guttuso). Coppolino. Cadeddu (from the 39 St Lombino). Tortarolo (from 20 st Oliviero). All. Caracciolo. 12 Carpi. 13 Well. 15 Malatesta. 17 De Agostini.

LUSERNA: Campanino. Fables S. (from 45 pt Bruno). Bosi. Curcio. Falbo. Mazzuchetti. D'Ancona (From 35 st Massarelli). Trapani. Favole A. Spanu. Moretti. All. Zorri. 12 Camarchio. 13 Boggio. 14 Ippolito. 15 Felicia. 16 Sosso.

REFEREE: Pope of Milan

NETWORKS: 24 pt Spanu; 44 pt Coppolino; 27 st Oliviero.

Luserna press office

In the photo Stefania Favole

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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