Monday, May 11 2015
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Luserna - Castelfranco

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At the end of 90 very few minutes the Luserna remains in command even if in a condominium.
After escaping the practice of the recovery with Ligorna on Thursday evening, with a round 7 - 0 (to target twice Moretti and acuti of Bruno, Spanu, D'Ancona, Barbieri and Trapani) and hoisted at the top of the standings, adversary today was the tough Tuscan team of Castelfranco, protagonists until the end of the last two seasons.

Until the end the biancazzurre tried to conquer the entire post, but due to inaccuracies in the door and also for the skill of the goalkeeper, there was nothing to do.
The team has however proved to be well alive up to and beyond the ninetieth.
After two minutes the race is already uphill. Salvini shoots from the limit, the intervention of a defender makes take a poisonous trajectory to lob that bypasses the goalkeeper thus dropping the unbeaten team after 452 minutes. It follows a slip and at the 5 'is good Falbo has to stop a Mastalli action on the break.
At this point the Luserna begins to grow with the contribution of all the girls in the field who fight on every ball, despite the field made heavy by the insistent rain.
At the 22 'the same: Massarelli makes Moretti travel that moves horizontally to get rid of the marking and the limit leaves no way out to the guest goalkeeper.
A minute later Campanino is the protagonist of a parade with his feet.
At 29 'Luserna ahead: corner from the right, the conclusion of Barbieri on the fly turns into an assist for Moretti in the area robber version that two steps away from the goalkeeper does not fail. Another conclusion of Barbieri parata closes the first half.
The recovery begins as the first fraction ended.
At the suggestion of Favole A., Barbieri cuts behind the defense: the lob attempt has no luck.
At the 4 'Baldini tries to draw on a free kick: Campanino rises in the corner.
After a couple of conclusions for the 15 'come the draw. With the unbalanced team, Mastalli receives the ball, suspected offside, and launches for the door. Despite the attempt of a defender reached the limit a shot on the far post that leaves no way out to the goalkeeper.
For about ten minutes the teams face off against each other trying to prevail over each other. In the last quarter of an hour the landlords take possession of the opposing half of the field by trying both with central actions and with fussy actions on the wings. But the repeated conclusions of the forward or end to the side or break on the defensive wall erected by the Tuscans starting with the goalkeeper.
In conclusion, a draw that does not affect how much good shown in these six races. Sunday insidious trip to Oristano against one of the other leaders and considered by many the great favorite of the championship.

LUSERNA: Campanino. Favole S. Bosi. Trapani (from 40 st Curcio). Falbo. Massarelli. Fables A. (from 47 st Sosso). Moretti. Barbers. Spanu (from the 20 st Bruno). Mazzuchetti. 12 Camarchio Giulia. 13 Boggio. 14 Ippolito. 18 D'Ancona. All. Zorri

CASTELFRANCO: Baldi. Rubioli. Doni. Bandini (from 12 st Varriale). Di Guglielmi. Menicucci. Montesi. Pantani Giada (from 1 st Caucci). Mastalli. Salvini (from 35 St Di Lupo). Bini. 12 Landi. 13 Pantani Genni. 17 Bellucci. 18 Bachi. All. Marradi.

REFEREE: Gatti di Gallarate.

NETWORKS: 2 pt Salvini (C); 29 and 36 pt Moretti; 15 st Mastalli (C)

EXPULSE: Di Guglielmo 43 st for a second yellow card

AMMONITE: Moretti, Falbo (L); Bandini (C).

The winning path of the smaller teams continues. The debutants impose 3 - 2 at Sporting None while the spring holds second place in the standings imposing 6 - 2 all'Alessandria thanks to a capital team test embellished by the quatern of Gonnet and the double of Pasquariello.

Luserna press office.

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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