Saturday, October 19 2019
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Ligorna - Femm. Sunrise

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Alba starts well on the first day of the championship and visits the newly promoted Ligorna 1922 with important absences like Pisano, Moscia and Zabellan injured and Ambrosi disqualified. Return to the team instead for Marta Mascarello after the goal in the national under 17 against Norway in the European category.

The ALBA is presented in the field with RUSSO F., DELODI, MASSA, MASCARELLO, GREPPI, GALLO, BARBERIS, LUCIANO, CATTANEO, MONTECUCCO, LAVARONE under the technical direction of Mr. Paolo Genovesio.
LIGORNA 1922 sided with BANDINI, OLMETTI, ROSSI, SALVO, ZERO, PIRA, PARODI, BOERO, PERFUME, THE DEAF, GHIDETTI under the technical direction of Mr. Elisa Menini.
We understand immediately from the first lines that Alba wants to develop their own game and make the game its own and becomes dangerous with shots from the distance of Luciano, Barberis and Lavarone and with Mascarello who hits the post on a free kick at 15 'and Montecucco who sends on the side from a favorable position.
But it is Ligorna who takes the lead with Profumo Nicol at 18 'who invents a palombella from 30 meters that insult Russian Federica out of the poles.
Then begins a pressing madman of the guests who grind game and stinging actions and hit first a stake with Montecucco who first kicks in goal from outside the area and then with the same Montecucco that punishment hits a crossbar.
It is the prelude to the draw goal that comes to the 45 '; Lavarone is stretched to the edge of the area, takes charge of the punishment Montecucco that bypasses the barrier and beats at the intersection of the poles the innocent Bandini.
In the second half the music does not change and at the 1 'of the shot Barberis signs the 2-1 with a shot to parabola on the left pole of Bandini.
The Ligorna defends himself and offers balls deep in Perfume that is blocked in turn by Greppi and Gallo centrally and by Delodi and Massa on the wings.
Captain Luciano, after a hard intervention gives way to Giorgia Aloi, who at the first opportunity, superbly launched to the network by Mascarello in the vein of assists, beats Bandini output on the lower left corner.
The game ends with some substitutions: for Alba in the Casetta and Ballocco field for Lavarone and Massa and for Ligorna in the Giovannini field and Mazzocchi for Zero and Rossi.
Next Sunday the Langarole will meet the Alexandria defeat in the friendly walls by an amazing Caprera.

Massimo Montecucco (ASD Femminile Alba press officer)

In the photo above: Montecucco and Greppi

In the photos below: Barberis and Aloi with Luciano

Barberis Aloi-Luciano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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