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Mellano creates, Triolo preserves

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Debut suffered but winning for the Musiello Saluzzo of patron Piera Delgrosso that at the 'Damiano' beats a tough Amicizia Lagaccio, proved to be a great team. For the historic first national race, Mr. Roberto Panigari, choose a balanced 4-4-2

with Triolo in port, rearguard formed by Drammis, Del Gaudio, Giordano and Anselmo, in the middle of the field Tosetto, Bianco, Chialvo and Mellano to support the Paoletti-Soragni tandem.
The first minutes of play are pure studio with the Genoese in high pressure and the landlord in disengagement with Del Gaudio able to command the defense. The minutes pass and the Saluzzesi advance the center of gravity: the first to try their luck from the limit is Chialvo whose conclusion ends high on the crossbar. At the first decisive thrust, however, Giordano and companions took the lead: Bianco sees the inclusion of Mellano on the far post and the serve with a precise filter that the young Saluzzo check and deposit behind Albezzano. The Musiello Saluzzo continues in its offensive action and at 27 'the Ligurian defender must overtake Tosetto, prompted by Paoletti, deflecting the conclusion in a corner. Friendship Lagaccio can not express their game and get nervous leaving the initiative to the landlords who still try with Chialvo, White and Soragni that do not frame the mirror of the door.
In the second half the Ligurians return to the field with the best attitude and begin to push with greater insistence. Nasso and Nietante are testing with two conclusions from a distance easy prey of Triolo, however, performs a real miracle on Boggero presented face to face with the goalkeeper Biancoverde.
The Musiello Saluzzo is no longer able to go out with order from their own half of the field and the race becomes maschia: to make the cost is Drammis who is hit on the nose and must leave the field in favor of Riba. Great protagonist of the final is Gabriella Triolo who saves the result again at 38 'with a stunning blow on the header of Beltrandi. The last minutes of the game are more serenity for the Saluzzesi who bring home the first victory of this championship with heart and grit in front of an opponent who will give a hard time to all the teams.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Drammis (31'st Riba), Giordano, Del Gaudio, White, Anselmo, Soragni, Mellano, Paoletti, Chialvo, Tosetto. Available: Malosti, Civalleri, Goletto, Gilli, Daniele. All: Panigari

AMICIZIA LAGACCIO: Albezzano, Cuneo, Di Luca, Bonissone, Beltrandi, Nasso, Nietante, Merler, Bargi (12'st Bruggi), Boggero, Galliano. A disp: Avanza, Biringhelli, Coli, Musso. All: Fracchia

MARKERS: 17'pt Mellano (MS)
NOTES: Ammoniti Di Luca, Nasso, Boggero, Galliano, Merler

Source: Ideawebtv.it Sports Editor

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Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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