Wednesday, July 17 2019
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The Luserna at the starting ribbons

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The disappointment for the promotion disappeared ten minutes from the end of the season, and having renewed the squad with the acquisition of some of the best young and very young talents in circulation, the Luserna met yesterday in the splendid setting of the town of Val Pellice.

Smiling and tanned faces and a lot of enthusiasm for the beginning of the new adventure.
The day begins with a path in the woods led by Elisa Miniati. The girls show that they did not idle during the summer break and that they did their best at the pre - retirement program. No failure despite some "sudden acceleration" by the "ruthless" athletic trainer.
After the break for lunch and a well-deserved siesta, facilitated by a perfect day in the afternoon, we moved to the part on the field under the orders of Mr. Zorri and his collaborators: above all, individual technique to regain confidence with the "iron" of the trade.
From this evening the preparation continues throughout the week in the evening in Turin at the Via Nitti 6 fields.
On Sunday, after the press presentation of the team, we are trying to define a friendly race.
This is the staff for the 2014 / 15 season

TRAINER: Tatiana Zorri
TRAINER IN SECOND: Antonio Dell'Aglio

GOALKEEPERS: Giulia Camarchio, Carol Campanino
DEFENDERS: Sonia Bianco, Teresa Boggio, Manuela Bosi, Giorgia Camarchio, Erica Falbo, Stefania Favole, Carlotta Ippolito, Benedetta Mazzuchetti.
CENTROCAMPISTI: Serena Curcio, Annalisa Favole, Sara Massarelli, Giulia Trapani, Federica Ventrice.
ATTACKS: Raffaella Barbieri, Bruno Maura, Alessia D'Ancona, Erika Moretti, Alice Sosso, Morena Spanu.

Luserna press office


Enrico Manassero
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