June 11, 2015
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Serie A news 2014-15

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florence interview venturini15Entry on tiptoe to San Marcellino is now one of the pillars of the Florentine back line.
Melissa Venturini, defense center class' 94, a series of races played by owner played with personality, played in a crescendo of performance, which saw her score, for the first time in Serie A, in Rome.
Among a vitality still the daughter of the mark in the capital and a desire to continue to grind important results the young purple athlete has analyzed for the official pages ACF the current period lily, highlighting so lights and shadows:

"In the championship we are proceeding with a good pace, even if, after the misunderstanding of the disqualification, which cost us three penalty points, we lost a bit of concentration, giving seemingly simple races and vital lengths to maintain a ranking of high level.
Nevertheless the team is there and, gradually, we are recovering that attention that perhaps went to thin in the aforementioned period, which will allow us to be rewarded, as we deserve, at the end of the championship.

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brescia australia010415vInternational friendly between Brescia and Australia. Part of nothing short of exciting, a real privilege to be able to watch live some of the best players in the world. But the beginning is all white-blue. Sabatino finds the advantage with a nice lob from the real attacker, rising in the beard to the difference tensiometers with the direct marker. He is a Brescia master of the field and I am very looking forward. The physique of the Australians does not worry the girls of Milena Bertolini who also find the doubling with a beautiful goal by Girelli that finds a trajectory impossible. Australia tries to react but the lionesses keep the field very well. Rhythms sustained until the end of the first half. Good game!

Poco dopo l’inizio del secondo tempo accorcia le distanze van Egmond. I cambi sembrano aver portato maggior qualità alle ospiti che ora pressano in maniera più ordinata. Il Brescia però tiene bene.

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riviera patty caccamo010415
CERVIA - At the Pasquale stop with a knockout the Riviera di Romagna, defeated by the friendly walls of the Mozzanica in the eighth return of Serie A (2-0), with the challenge of the quarter finals of the Italian Cup against Graphistudio Tavagnacco program for Saturday 4 April at the Stadio "Dei Pini" of Milano Marittima postponed for the commitments of the National Under 17 and Under 19: a setback, the one against the Lombard team, arrived at the end of a meeting well interpreted by the Romagnole in the first fraction, where they played on par with the biancazzurre, granting little, save a chance for Giacinti to 44 ', and touching the advantage with a flare from outside the area of ​​Chiara Eusebio that ended at the bottom of a very few, while in the recovery girls Nazzarena Grilli signed the 1-0 with Iannella at the start and controlled the challenge without risking almost nothing, signing the doubling in full recovery with Cambiaghi; striker Patty Caccamo analyzes the Saturday defeat against the Bergamo team.
Patty, against the Mozzanica you played a good first half, up to your rivals, but then in the second half the Bergamo have passed thanks to the goals of Iannella and Cambiaghi: how do you judge the team?

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brescia australia0115Organized in record time an international friend of immense prestige. The lionesses of President Cesari will be busy tomorrow 1 April (it is not a fish ...) at 16: 30 against the national team of Australia. The challenge will take place at the Club Azzurri in via Garzetta 57. The Australians are one of the strongest national teams in the world, so it will be an interesting test for Zizioli and companions before the Italian Cup match scheduled for Saturday. De Vanna, Butt, van Egmond ... just to name a few ... they will be present in Italy, with the delegation of their country, up to 6 April. A heartfelt thanks to all the people who have worked hard to make this event possible!

Press office
ACF Brescia

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firenze casucci0315Draw in Rome for 2-2, a break in the championship to leave room for the Italian Cup, a recovery that will see the Florence committed to San Marcellino against Cuneo, a better future than the present ... The Director General Vittorio Casucci is overwhelming when he takes the word, and in the light of this, pressed by the questions put forward, has spread, outlining a current Florentine overview positive and somewhat unthinkable at the beginning of the season.

General Manager, briefly, a balance sheet on this first portion of the return group.

"I must be honest: satisfactory but not up to that of the first leg. Once the hope of positioning itself on the third step has shrunk, perhaps, we have involuntarily given up a bit: I find it useless to question the first two squares, respectively protected by Verona and Brescia, and the Mozzanica, I give it almost in writing, will hardly loosen the voltage.

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Important victory in key salvation for the Cuneo Calcio Femminile, which on the synthetic of the Youth Park beats 2-1 comeback the San Zaccaria and surpasses the team of Ravenna in the standings.

After a first time with few emotions (we count the shots from outside the area of ​​Barbieri, Principi and Piedmont for the guests and two of Sodini for the Cuneo), everything happened in the second half: after only three minutes from the entrance in the field the San Zaccaria with Piedmont, which finalized an assist of Princes. A goal that would have cut the legs to anyone, but, just like in the first leg, the Cuneo did not lose heart and equalized 67 'with a header of Librandi Sodini perfect cross and, within five minutes, scored the knockout of the knockout with Tudisco (recently entered the post of Belfanti), always head on a corner beaten by Sodini. The guests poured forward relying on the talented Piedmont, but a great Magnarini, best in the field, controlled it properly.
Nel finale c’era ancora tempo per vedere un calcio di punizione di Errico infrangersi contro il palo alla destra di Montanari e l’espulsione di Papaleo per reazione contro l’avversaria Galletti, rea di aver colpito alla caviglia Belfanti, seduta in panchina, nel tentativo di recuperare la palla. Belfanti veniva subito trasportata in ambulanza al Pronto Soccorso per accertamenti.

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puntosulcampionato1415It took so much pride on the part of Brescia to overcome today Verona leaders, a victory that of the "swallows" even more to be framed being disadvantaged in the first part of the race, with the difficult task of having to face a whole recovery as a result uphill.
A point only now separates the two rivals up there in the standings, while the third place is increasingly firm in the hands of the Mozzanica, victorious today with the Riviera di Romagna and keeping at a distance, with a good seven points ahead, Torres and Tavagnacco .
In this 21 'day there were two external victories, two inside and three draws; two doubles and all on the field of Brescia, those of Tarenzi and Girelli.
In front of a thousand and more fans and to Mister Cabrini, Brescia and AGSM Verona gave birth to a good match, vibrant from a competitive point of view and enriched by six goals. In the end he won the team that "needed to win" more than the rival and that, under a network in the first part of the game, he knew, in the second half, to overturn the result going into the score beyond all expectations!

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Character Cuneo! Librandi and Tudisco overturn the San Zaccaria 2-1

The cuneesi disputano an undertone for the first time, go under with the Piedmont network and then unleash a sensational reaction.

A victory of character for the wedge of patron Eva Callipo who beat the San Zaccaria comeback recovering precious points in key salvation. In addition to the three points won at the 'Youth Park', in fact, the red and white can rejoice for the contemporary draws in the Orobica-Pink Bari and Como-Pordenone challenges as well as the braking of Riviera di Romagna and Res Rome which resoundingly re-open the games for the stay in the category.
Mister Gianluca Petruzzelli opts for the 4-4-1-1 with Asteggiano between the poles, in defense Pittavino, Magnarini, Armitano and Rosso, in the center of Librandi, Errico, Franco and Belfanti with Herreros Ossorio free of variety behind Sodini .
The guests who at the 3 'call Asteggiano to the quick answer on the strong end of Barbieri from the edge start better. A few minutes pass and it is up to Azzurra Principi to touch the post to the left of the home defender. The Cuneo struggles to react but the San Zaccaria can not break through: they try from outside Piedmont and Galletti with Asteggiano always careful.
At the 27 'finally see the Cuneo ahead with the usual Sodini who takes advantage of an inattention of Montanari to try the conclusion, saved on the line from the rear guard.

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sanzaccaria piemonte0315CUNEO – Amara sconfitta del San Zaccaria nel delicato scontro diretto salvezza nella tana del Cuneo, che in virtù di questa vittoria in rimonta maturata a metà ripresa scavalca nuovamente le romagnole in classifica al nono posto. Gara avvincente e combattuta giocata davanti ad un pubblico numeroso. Partono meglio le biancorosse e già al 2’ Asteggiano è chiamata alla difficile respinta su punizione dal limite di Barbieri; al 4’ la conclusione da fuori di Principi deviata finisce a lato di un soffio. Le piemontesi escono alla distanza e al 26’ Sodini approfitta di un errato disimpegno e calcia da distanza ravvicinata trovando l’opposizione di Montalti che salva il pericolo. Botta e risposta nell’arco di un minuto tra il 42’ ed il 43’: prima Librandi preferisce il passaggio invece di tirare da ottima posizione, replica Longato con una staffilata alta. Pochi secondi dopo Sodini prova a sorprendere Montanari con una conclusione dalla destra, il portiere fa buona guardia e blocca.

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networks: Iannella at 2 'and Cambiaghi at 48' st

Riviera di Romagna: 1 VICENZI, 2 PETRALIA (from 24 'st BALDINI), 3 TUCCERI CIMINI, 4 ERMAN, 5 UGOLINI (cap.), 6 MAGRINI (32' ST PETROVIC), 7 MASTROVINCENZO (from 8 'ST CASSANELLI), 8 EUSEBIO, 9 CACCAMO, 10 SHEPHERD, 11 DAGGERS. All. Enrico Buonocore. Available: Tasselli, Canini.

Mozzanica: 1 GRITTI, 2 DOSSI (from 15 'ST CAMBIAGHI), 3 TONANI, 4 STRACCHI, 5 SCHIAVI, 6 LOCATELLI (cap.), 7 IANNELLA, 8 MAURI (from 48's.t. FUSAR POLI), 9 GIACINTI, 10 SCARPELLINI, 11 RIBOLDI. All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Cappelletti, Pernigoni, Parsani, Garavelli.

Referee: Luciano Carmine of Bologna; assistants: Manuel Bellavista and Andrea Bardi from Cesena.

Ammonite: Magrini and Tucceri Cimini (R); Expelled: Cimini Tucceri at 28's.t. for double warning.

Score: Sunny day and field in excellent condition. Present about 200 spectators. Recovery: 2 '+ 5'. Best in the field: Eusebio (R) and Stracchi (M).



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