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Serie A news 2014-15

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agsm verona photo Damiano Buffo
This Sunday 17 may at the Bentegodi Stadium in Verona for the Serie A competition between Hellas Verona and Empoli, the girls of Agsm Verona will officially receive the 2014 / 2015 Scudetto Cup from the hands of Rosella Sensi, appointed by the FIGC to chair the Commission for the Development of Female Football.
The award ceremony will take place on the pitch during the interval of the match on a particularly important day for the Gialloblù colors: it will be celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the conquest of the historic Scudetto and will be present many of the protagonists of the unforgettable ride of the 1985.
The new Italian champions of the ASM Verona will be protagonists on Sunday in the national television networks: Italy 1 will dedicate an extensive service to the conquest of the Italian flag during the broadcast of Sport Mediaset "XXL" broadcast from 13,00.
Sky Sports 1 will dedicate a live link from the Bentegodi around the 12,35, while the awards will be broadcast live on Sky Soccer 252 channel.

The Press Office

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firenze razzolini
Almost a week after the triple closing whistle of Serie A 2014 / 2015 is Costanza Razzolini, center forward of the Florentine army, to reveal the moods and motivations that have accompanied the squad of coach Fattori in a vintage all to remember and retrace, from September until today, a tournament that saw the eleven Tuscan state in "taboo" stadiums and place among the first four teams in Italy:

"For the Viola colors it turned out to be an amazing season, as we came from a salvation conquered with nails and teeth and no one would have expected a championship like the one just come to an end, a field of results of clamor against formations that have fought throughout the year for the top, such as the home win against the Mozzanica or the double draw against the Scudettate of Verona.

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sannaccaria 1415 team

S. ZACCARIA - Last act of the season Saturday for San Zaccaria. At 15 at the Stadio Dei Pini 'Todoli' in Milano Marittima the biancorosse face the Riviera di Romagna in the awaited Romagna derby play out in a single race. He directs Giaccaglia of the Jesi section. A challenge from inside or outside that is worth a whole season for both teams. At stake the permanence in Serie A: the landlords, ranked best in the league, have two results available in three, while the girls of Mr. Lorenzini serves only the victory to win the dream of salvation. In the event of a tie to the ninetieth, two extra times will be played by 15 'minutes each, if the tie persists at the end the Riviera will be saved.

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riviera pierluigi angeloni

MILAN MARITIME - The playoff is worth a season that will be staged Saturday afternoon at 15 at the Stadio "Dei Pini" in Milano Marittima, which will see the Romagna Riviera face the San Zaccaria, in the third all-season derby of this championship, for obvious reasons the most important of those hitherto played by the two teams in all their history: the girls of Pierluigi Angeloni, who reached the eighth place in the season with 35 points to the assets, are returning from a decent championship final with two successes in the last two challenges, interspersed by a knockout penalty in the quarter finals of the Italian Cup against Graphistudio Tavagnacco, while the red and white, defeated as a prediction in the home match last Saturday against AGSM Verona Grezzana, then graduated champion of Italy , have played a crescendo of return, which allowed him to reach the ninth place at 28 points and to play the permanence in the maximum series in the whole Ravenna derby;

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mister cattaneo como
Our coach, Fausto Cattaneo, reconfirmed at the end of the season, reluctantly resigned his resignation expressing the will to return, after this beautiful but brief experience, in men's football, where for thirty years has collected personal satisfaction.
We are grateful for this decision and thank him for the availability, professionalism and loyalty expressed this season, which will serve as an example for the future.

After a start of the season punctuated by various accidents and unexpected departures and, consequently, poor results in the return line, thanks to his great commitment, the team has accomplished a great business closing 22 points, just touching the playout area, which this year included six relocations.

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rtv sanmarino15
Patrizia Panico and Melania Gabbiadini guests of PassioneCalcio, the San Marino RTV program entirely dedicated to women's football. A date not to be missed with two of the great protagonists of the victory of the AGSM Verona championship on Wednesday 13 May at 22: 10 on 520 Sky channels (73 TivùSat), 73 digital terrestrial Emilia Romagna and Marche and streaming on the web / TV of the San Marino RTV. In the studio with the two stars of Italian football also Daniele Perina, head of communications for the Scala company. During the episode the tricolor ride of the ASGM Verona will be retraced, with goal images and interviews of the season. Space also on the last day of the Serie A Championship, the challenge between the queens of groups A and C of series B Luserna and Vittorio Veneto and the friendly between Chieti (series B) and the Federazione Sammarinese (series C).

Elia Gorini
Sports Journalist

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networks: Giacinti all'10 ', 12' on penalty and al 24 ' st

Mozzanica: 1 GRITTI, 2 RIBOLDI (from 21 ' st CHANGES), 3 TONANI, 4 STRACCHI, 5 SCHIAVI, 6 LOCATELLI, 7 IANNELLA, 8 MAURI (from 32 ' st SPINELLI), 9 GIACINTI, 10 SCARPELLINI, 11 BRAMBILLA (from 1 ' st FUSAR POLI). All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Capelletti, Dossi, Pernigoni, Cervi.

Pink Bari: 1 DI BARI, 2 NOVELLINO (from 1 ' st MOORE), HERNIA 3, 4 VITAINZA, 5 TROTTA, 6 SPELICH, 7 STRISCIUGLIO, 8 PAOLILLO (from 1 ' st CONTE), 9 CLELLAND, 10 CECI, 11 ROGAZIONE (from 24 ' st AKHERAZZE). All. Isabella Cardone. Available: Rizzi, Pinto, Maffei, Olivieri.

Referee: Mattia Caldera of Como; assistants: Perali and Ciglioli di Chiari.

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verona champion italy1415

The VERONA dresses with the tricolor after an exciting championship overcoming the BRESCIA of only one point: 67 to 66 ... with the good third Mozzanica to 56 points.
A podium that faithfully reflects the values ​​in the field and rewards a company that after the difficulties encountered last year has been able to recover great, offering quality in every area of ​​the field, thus expressing a good game overall that led the team to have the Veronese best attack of the championship with 110 scored goals (71 only from the trio Panico-Bonetti-Gabbiadini) and the third best defense, 22 nets suffered, after that of the Mozzanica 19 and Brescia 21.
On the last day there were three victories inside, three outside and a draw, with a hat trick of Giacinti and doubles for Caccamo and Rinaldi.

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resroma brescia ultima15
It closes with a honorable defeat of measure against the outgoing Italian champions of Brescia, the 2014-2015 championship of Res Rome, ending in seventh place a season to be framed.
In front of a thick and warm public, the Giallorossi keep head to the strong team of Brescia giving only half second time, in front of the twenty-eight seasonal seal of Cristiana Girelli, vice-top scorer of Serie A behind the ever green Patrizia Panico.
Mister Melillo has to do without captain Nagni, Biasotto, Palombi, Pittaccio, Greggi, Marzi and Pirone, and he opts out of surprise for the new 4-1-4-1 module, with Pipitone between the posts, Cunsolo, Morra, Ciccotti and Fracassi in defense, Villani in the median, Coluccini and Simonetti in midfield, Nicosia and Caruso (at the absolute debut in Serie A) on the wings, and with Nainggolan single point.
The first fraction of the game is balanced: the first goal action is of the Brescian brand and carries the signature of Alborghetti that sends high from a few steps; in the quarter of an hour it is Sabatino's turn, but the header of the Brescia striker has been deflected in the corner by Pipitone.

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firenze 4post1415

All true! Florence among the first four of Italy! A Florentine triumph and a Viola party is all that has witnessed a historic and record league, now reached its last beat, a spectator tournament of an ACF Ferrari in the category, capable of winning against the opponents of the twenty-sixth day of the Orobica and whiz through the seed heads.
Lily immediately in bloom. Posteriorly to a double chance signed Rinaldi-Adami, flat of the first in front of Salvi and high right of the second above the crossbar, matures the quick local advantage: sphere placed by Guagni at the disk and winning turn of Captain Orlandi, easily packed in left low angle.
Continuing to project itself into the Bergamo quarterback, Florence also attempts the blow of the possible 2-0, a few minutes later, with Adami, who, left free to move between the lines, unloads a violent right of little imprecise.



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