Monday, August 19 2019
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For many the best defense is the attack, but in football, you know, the opposite holds true ... 1 Rule number: do not take a goal!
And the extra weapon of Res Rome was certainly the defense, with the Giallorossi who boast the second best defense of Italian women's football, calculating both the Italian Cup and the championship.
Pipitone and companions have undergone a total 24 goal (23 in the league and only one in the Cup), exactly the same as Verona and Mozzanica, and only one more than Brescia, which however played in the Italian Cup 2 races less.
Among the protagonists of the primacy of the Giallorossi the goalkeeper Rosalia Pipitone, already winner of the "Golden Girl" as best goalkeeper of last year, author of another great season to defend the Capitoline door. Among the insiders it is defined by everyone, together with the colleague Gritti del Mozzanica, the strongest door in the championship, even if strangely it has never been taken into consideration by the staff of the major national team.

But you know, in football you play, you win and lose in 11, so the record goes shared with the attackers, the first to defend, with the midfielders, always precise and punctual coverage, with the defenders, impeccable in every intervention : from Pirone to Palombi, from Villani to Ciccotti, passing through Colini, Cunsolo, Morra, Fracassi, Gambarotta and all the others, the eleven of Mr. Melillo has proven to deserve this record, and to be able to compete with all the colleagues in Serie TO.
And in addition to those who take the field, the merit is also of the technicians, from the coach to his deputy, from the technical collaborator to the goalkeeper's trainer: all the record!
"The result is thanks to everyone - said the yellow-red 1 number, Rosalia Pipitone - how to win and lose in 11, defend and attack all together. I especially thank my trainer, Mauro Patrizi, who was able to teach me all the secrets of the trade, and prepare myself in the best way. I also thank the coach Fabio Melillo, who has always believed in me, more 'than I initially believed myself, and all my teammates, always ready to close every opening and limit the shots on goal of opponents. They have always shown that they have so much confidence in me, as I have always had in them. I thank everyone idirigenti, always ready to be near, especially Ilaria Inchingolo, young but already more mature than many other people. And finally I would like to thank the wonderful audience of Res Rome, always able to be the "twelfth woman" in the field, and able to make us find those forces that in some moments could be missing. "

Press Office Res Roma women's soccer

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