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MILAN MARITIME - Romagna is still red-bones in Serie A. The San Zaccaria against all odds makes the company by stretching the Riviera di Romagna in the heard derby play out and signing a salvation masterpiece. This is still a big party for President Macori's company, one year after the historic promotion in the top flight; yesterday was written another indelible page of its history because the red and white was the only newly promoted to be saved, a goal deserved for a team that grew steadily during the arc of the championship and able to play it openly even at the with the big players in the group. And yesterday, in a stadium Dei Pini, crowded by many fans, came yet another demonstration of strength and character of the group led by the tandem Lorenzini-Piolanti. In the first fraction in fact the challenge was stuck on the tracks of balance with rare occasions on both sides: the only upheavals are Riviera shore with an attempt to high Caccamo (20 ') and a poisonous cross shot on punishment of Tucceri Cimini foiled in corner by Bonaventura (35 ').

The score is unlocked at 41 'when Caccamo gets a penalty after a contact with Pondini: from the spot Pugnali, thanks to Bonaventura's deviation, catches the post, the ball remains in the area and arrives at Caccamo that turns and throws it under the cross signing the 1 to 0. A network that could knock down anyone and instead the San Zaccaria, aware of having only the victory as the only result available, in the second half has changed gear, immediately re-establishing parity. It 's the 3' when from the left Salamon bowl in the center for the new entry Longato who backs to head to Barbieri, the midfielder with a precise low shot to the top of a pole exceeds Tasselli by signing the 1 to 1. Games reopened. Blaze of the Riviera of Romagna at 5 ': Caccamo crosses for Erman, his gut surefire is deflected for a corner by the providential rescue of Salamon. The San Zaccaria scored the winning hit at the 15 ': Longato goes in percussion on the right lane and serves the center area the running Galletti that with perfect diagonal slips the ball into the low corner of the impolite Tasselli, exploding the exultation of the many biancorossi supporters who have come to the 'Todoli'. This is the goal that is worth a whole season, which is worth a great salvation. The Riviera di Romagna throws itself on the search for a match that would bring the two teams to extra time: the low shot of Pugnali is foiled by the goalkeeper (30 '), then the last opportunity happens to Erman, but his missile from distance is miraculously diverted in the corner by Bonaventura (42 ') that blinds the result and the epic red and white salvation.

RIVIERA DI ROMAGNA: Tasselli, Petrovic (73 'Mastrovincenzo), Cassanelli (61' Baldini), Tucceri Cimini, Ugolini, Magrini, Erman, Eusebio, Caccamo, Pastore, Pugnali. Available: Vicenzi, Canini. All. Angeloni.

SAN ZACCARIA: Bonaventura, Montalti, Infante, Filippozzi (26 'Salamon), Barbieri, Pancaldi, Galletti, Pondini (46' Longato), Cimatti, Principi, Piedmont. Available: Tampieri, Quadrelli, Santoro, Fratini, Gaburro. All. Lorenzini.
REFEREE: Gesiaglia di Jesi.
NETWORKS: 42 'Caccamo, 48' Barbers, 60 'Galletti.
NOTES: amm. Caccamo, Pondini, Shepherd, Piedmont, Erman, Barbers. Expelled the technician Angeloni for protests and Caccamo for a second admonition to 91 '. 600 viewers around.

Ivan Zannoni

Walter Pettinati
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