Friday, February 28 2020
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MILAN MARITIME - The Riviera di Romagna comes down to hell, defeated by San Zaccaria in the derby salvation played at the Stadio "Dei Pini" in Milano Marittima: 2-1 the final in favor of the red and white training, at the end of a balanced challenge, with the first thrill at 6 'on the left wing of grass Galletti that was turned off at the bottom, then little to report until the final minutes of the first fraction, with the yellow-red-blue that responded to 35' with a free kick from three quarters Linda Tucceri Cimini to fish the inclusion of Kristina Erman on the far post, which came with a moment of delay to the winning deviation. The race was unlocked shortly after: percussion on the left of Patty Caccamo who returned to dribbling and was spread by Pondini for the penalty in favor of the landlord: Luisa Pugnali on the spot that kicked on the post, but Patty Caccamo collected the loose ball and with a lightning-fast right he carried the ball at the intersection of the poles (40 ').

At the start of recovery, however, came the response of the red and white, who signed the same with a right from a close position of the former Lara Barbieri that bagged the ball all'angolino (3'st); the girls of Pierlugi Angeloni were not there and a round of hands later they had the chance for the new advantage: percussion on the left of Patty Caccamo, dribbling to return and cross on the far post for Kristina Erman who from a great position hit the head with a bang sure, finding the opposition of a host defender (4'st). On the other side were the girls of Mr. Lorenzini to sign the overtaking with a left to turn from the edge of Galletti that bagged the ball at the far corner (14'st); the yellow-red-blue were not there and at half an hour they became dangerous with an exchange Pugnali-Caccamo on the left, Patty's low cross for Luisa herself who kicked right, with the ball deflected for a corner by Bonaventura (30 ' st). A few moments later Patty Caccamo tried again with a percussion from the right, returning to the center and left, slightly high (32'st), while the last emotion arrived in Zona Cesarini with a missile from 35 meters Kristina Erman addressed to the intersection of the poles, deviated with a flicker from Bonaventura, who was blind to the success of the red and white formation (42'st).

Riviera of Romagna 1
San Zaccaria 2

ROMAGNA RIVIERA (4-4-2): Anchors; Petrovic (27'st Mastrovincenzo), Cassanelli (16'st Baldini), Ugolini, Magrini; Tucceri Cimini, Erman, Eusebius, Shepherd; Caccamo, Daggers. Available: Vicenzi, Canini. All. Angeloni.

SAN ZACCARIA (4-4-2): Bonaventura; Montalti, Pega Infante, Filippozzi (26 'Salamon), Pancaldi; Barbers, Galletti, Pondini (1'st Longato), Princes; Cimatti, Piedmont. Available: Tampieri, Quadrelli, Santoro, Fratini, Gaburro. All. Lorenzini.
REFEREE: Gesiaglia di Jesi. Assistants: Dajci and Stridi di Cesena.

Expelled: Caccamo (R) at 47'st for double caution.

Ammonite: Pastore and Erman (R), Pondini, Piemonte and Barbieri (S).

NETWORKS: 41 'Caccamo (R), 3'st Barbers (S), 14'st Galletti (S).

Davide Tognacci
press officer of the Riviera di Romagna women's soccer

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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