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SAN ZACCARIA - San Zaccaria concludes the championship with a painless defeat in the home match against Verona, which thanks to this success celebrates the Scudetto. The biancorosse, already confident of the play-out of salvation to be played next Saturday at the home of the Riviera di Romagna, have nevertheless honored the challenge to the great, holding head to the battleship Scaliger that only in the final minutes has signed the decisive trio. Mister Lorenzini starts from the first minute between the Tampieri poles of the class' 97 at the absolute debut in Serie A and among the best in the field, among the owners return Quadrelli, Santoro, Fratini and Gaburro. The leaders, driven by the enthusiasm of many fans arrived in Romagna, starts at a thousand per hour and after not even a minute of play Bonetti from the limit download a deadly missile that can be learned for the goalkeeper and abbreviation 1 0. The San Zaccaria responds with a beautiful free-kick by Galletti foiled in a corner by the providential blow of the kidneys of Ohrstrom (7 ').

But it is Verona who doubles at 9 'when Gabbiadini accelerates in the right lane and lets start a down-and-out cut that goes into the opposite corner: it is 2 to 0. The race is immediately downhill for the scaligere, close to the tris again with Bonetti on assist of Sipos, but the 7 number kicks high (11 '). At the 13 'decisive low exit of Ohrstrom to anticipate Fratini launched to network by Pondini. The meeting gets back into balance and the Romagnole re-open it at 32 ': Pennella princes in the center area for Gaburro, who with a pigeon exceeds the host defender: 2 is 1. At the end of the first fraction Panico of head on corner sends high. In the second half it is a veritable siege of Verona, looking for the third mark to close the accounts and create repeat opportunities. Start at the 9 'Panico, his low-fisted shave to the pole, then Fuselli in turn from the limit to try but Tampieri is really miraculous and goes to remove the ball from the intersection of the poles with a great intervention (13'). The yellowblu monologue continues: at 16 'Gelmetti sends the Gabbiadini cross high, at the 20' the safe shot by Ramera is rebounded from the last defense, then the close shot of Panico on yet another cross by Bonetti seems to be on the net but it is thwarted again by the red and white rearguard (23 '). It's Bonetti's turn to kick out of a good position (31 '), so Gelmetti calls Tampieri to the ground parade (33'). The San Zaccaria interrupts the opponent forcing to 39 'and Principles with a free kick from the 30 meters find the safe parade of Ohrstrom. The door of the San Zaccaria seems impassable in the recovery for Verona, then Panico thinks to break the taboo and to end the suffering: the bomber receives ball on the offside and with a precise soft touch exceeds Tampieri signing the final 3 to 1 that the Veneto supporters explode with joy. At the triple whistle trigger the irrepressible Verona party for the conquest of the tricolor, but congratulations to San Zaccaria that although about to dispute the race that is worth a whole season next Saturday and with some very promising young in the field, has absolutely disfigured coming out of the confrontation with heads held high in front of the new Italian champions.

S. ZACCARIA: Tampieri, Quadrelli, Salamon, Santoro, Montalti, Infante, Galletti, Pondini (46 'Barbaresi), Fratini, Princes, Gaburro. Available for: Bonaventura, Pancaldi, Filippozzi, Longato, Cimatti, Piedmont. All. Lorenzini.

VERONA: Ohrstrom, Squato, Ledri, Carissimi, Marconi (75 'Salvai), Fuselli, Bonetti, Gabbiadini, Panico, Ramera (89' Maendly), Sipos (58 'Gelmetti). A disp .: Tonioli, Baldo. All. Longega.
REFEREE: Alberti di Imola
NETWORKS: 1 'Bonetti, 9' Gabbiadini, 32 'Gaburro, 88' Panic.
NOTES: amm. Principles. 300 spectators with large guest representation.

Ivan Zannoni

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