Tuesday, December 10 2019
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agsm verona photo Damiano Buffo

Bonetti, Gabbiadini and Panico sign the nets that bring the tricolor number cInque on the jerseys of Verona six years after the last statement.
Last decisive day of the top league for the girls of Agsm Verona, accompanied by many supporters gialloblù, go down in Romagna on the field of a San Zaccaria of Ravenna already certain of the play-out.
Verona without the disqualified Di Criscio and with Salvai and Maendly on the bench. San Zaccaria, on the other hand, does not risk being suspicious of the salvage play-off.
The Agsm Verona appears immediately determined and passes to the first opportunity with a manual action of the game of football.
Action maneuvered from the left, Panico serves in the area Tatiana Bonetti that tows and in the fly puts in one to zero between the blaze of the supporters Gialloblù.

The Romagna response is in the conclusion of a free kick from outside Galletti who severely commits Ohrstrom.
On the restart however the Veronese reach the doubling with captain Gabbiadini that runs in speed across the right wing, enters the area and crosses the winning conclusion on the second post.
Two goals in nine minutes bringing the Gialloblù closer to the tricolor on the ground in Ravenna, very hot both for the temperature and for the warmth of the Verona fans.
To bring back in the game the Ravenna thinks Gaburro that exploits a defensive disengagement that is not very effective by the Veronese and with a lob from inside the area beats Ohrstrom.
First fraction that closes with the Scaligero advantage.
Verona set off in attack at the start of the second half, the Gialloblù want to close the game despite the heat.
Patrizia Panico misses two sensational occasions, the first striker splinters the crossbar with a powerful conclusion, then takes a diagonal shot to the side.
The Scaligere besiege the area of ​​Romagna with a siege and are still dangerous with Fuselli calling for the miracle of Tamperi, and subsequently with the new entry Gelmetti, who leads the way from a favorable position.
Marta Carissimi also tries, but a defender makes a wall.
At the 23 'Panico kicks the net with a sure shot but incredibly a defender saves on the line.
We are also tested by Tatiana Bonetti but her conclusion still ends.
After the interminable series of attempts, Patrizia Panico, the all-time bomber, who sews the one-to-three ball into the one-three ball between the general blunder .
At the final whistle the Gialloblù and the more than two hundred supporters who arrived in Romagna for a scudetto but deserved championship can finally exult.
The Italian flag breaks away from the Brescia jerseys and is sewn on to the Gialloblù of Verona who returns to the top of Italian football six years after the last statement.
Verona for the fifth time in its twenty-year history, Italian Champion!
And now the big party!

Networks: Pt. 1 'Bonetti, 9' Gabbiadini, 32 'Gaburro, st. 43 'Panic

San Zaccaria: Tamperi, Quadrelli, Salamon, Santoro, Montalti, Infante, Galletti, Pondini (1 'st. Barbaresi), Fratini, Principi, Gaburro.
Available: Bonaventura, Pancaldi, Filippozzi, Longato, Barbaresi, Cimatti, Piedmont.
Coach: Fausto Lorenzini.

Agsm Verona: Ohrstrom, Squizzato, Ledri, Carissimi, Marconi (30 'St. Salvai), Fuselli, Bonetti, Gabbiadini, Panico, Ramera (44' st. Maendly), Sipos (14 'st. Gelmetti).
Available: Toniolo, Salvai, Maendly, Baldo, Gelmetti.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Referee: Francesco Alberti of Imola
Assistants: Enrico Zaccarini and Piero Venga of Lugo di Romagna.
Notes: Hot and sunny day, land in perfect condition. Ammonita Principi.
San Zaccaria di Ravenna.

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Damiano Buffo

Walter Pettinati
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