Friday, January 24 2020
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Defeated by the Riviera di Romagna, the gialloblu are bypassed by the Florence. Now the Italian Cup semi-final.
No fourth place. The Graphistudio stumbles on the last obstacle of Milano Marittima, where last Tuesday had broken the pass for the Italian Cup semi-finals: beaten by the Riviera di Romagna the formation of Sara Di Filippo is bypassed by the Florence.
Pass only 2 ': Brumana steals the ball to Cassanelli, but gets reassembled by the defense. At 19 'Zuliani, launched in the area, is preceded by Tasselli in the corner. At 22 'wonderful Camporese action - Cecotti, but the cross of the young national Under 17 ends long. Shortly after a double conclusion of Blarzino first and then Sardu is walled by the defense of the house. Try to make the Riviera alive, but the conclusion of Eusebio sins of precision. Around half an hour is Sardu - time: first on a ball brilliantly worked by Blarzino and then from the distance, the ten gialloblu commits Tasselli.

At 36 'Camporese draws an interesting parabola, but unhappy is the impact of Frizza. In the second half, at the 11 ', Erman tries to draw the joker from twenty-five meters: the strength is there, the aim is decidedly less. Tuttino answers from outside the area: the dish is high on the crossbar. At the 17 'the Riviera passes to lead: deep launch for the new entry Caccamo shooting in a regular position, "sits" Blancuzzi and settles in the door unattended. Di Filippo adds the Carta Del Stabile, but at the 25 'is Pochero (who has detected Cecotti) to impact in solitude a corner of Tuttino: ball at the end of the pole. At 28 'the draw signed by Zuliani, able to convert a nice invitation to Sardu's network.Improvvisamente, at 35', the Riviera doubles: Caccamo escapes the entire defense of Friuli along the bottom line and finds an impossible hole to be mocked Blancuzzi. The Graphistudio tries to fix it but the lucidity does not assist the Friulians. The last opportunity is a punishment by Brumana who fails to replicate the magic of Tuesday in the Cup. This time the right is violent, but only touches the crossbar. The season, however, does not end here: next Saturday, in fact, at the "Tavagnacco Stadium" will broadcast the Italian Cup semi-final against Res Rome.


NETWORKS: 17st Caccamo, 28pt Zuliani, 35st Caccamo.

RIVIERA: Tasselli, Petrovic, Tucceri Cimini, Erman, Ugolini, Cassanelli, Canini, Eusebio, Baldini, Pastore, Mastrovincenzo (15st Caccamo). Coach: Angeloni. Available: Vicenzi, Pugnali.

GRAPHISTUDIO: Blancuzzi, Cecotti (15st Pochero), Frizza (20st del Stabile), Peressotti, Martinelli, Tuttino, Sardu, Zuliani, Blarzino (30st Sara Veritti), Camporese, Brumana. Coach: Di Filippo. Available: Copetti, Bissoli, Lauriola.

REFEREE: Carmine Luciano of Bologna. Assistants: Ajdinovski and Bicocchi and Ravenna.

AMMONITE: Ugolini.

NOTES: clear sky, ground in good condition, 100 spectators. Corner kicks for the 6 - 4 for the Graphistudio.

THE OTHER RESULTS: San Zaccaria - Verona 1 - 3, Res Rome - Brescia 0 - 1, Florence - Orobica 7 - 2, Como - Torres 1 - 1, Mozzanica - Pink Bari 3 - 0, Pordenone - Cuneo 0 - 2.

THE CLASSIFICATION: Verona points 67, Brescia 66, Mozzanica 56, Florence 48, Graphistudio 47, Torres 45, Res Rome 38, Riviera di Romagna 35, San Zaccaria 28, Cuneo 24, Como 22, Pink Bari and Pordenone 15, Orobica 8.

Graphistudio Tavagnacco Press Office

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