Saturday, 21 September 2019
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It has not arrived the long-awaited trip to the leaders Verona from the Mozzanica of Nazzarena Grilli and the biancocelesti swallows now can only hope in a yellow-blue harakiri in that of San Zaccaria to continue to believe in the fight for the tricolor.
The team of Scala has struggled a lot to take home these three points, at this point crucial for the fate of the championship. Fate seemed to have bewitched the orobic door, in which an amazing Alessia Gritti seemed insurmountable. But this until the 24 'of the second half, when the umpteenth corner for the landlord Federica Di Criscio found the time and coordination for the peremptory deadlift and the trickle that was worth the victory over the Bergamo.

Shortly before Iannella had taken a blow to local supporters, seizing a resounding cross. Two yellow cards will unfortunately prevent the defender-goleador Scaliger to be able to play the decisive race with the Ravenna.

At the Brescia of Milena Bertolini all that remains is to continue believing in it, hoping for a business by Martina Piemonte and her companions, but in the meantime the one-off detour of one length continues. Victory agile that of Brescia on the already relegated Pordenone. Cristiana Girelli opens on penalties, then Perin inadvertently deviates into his own door and signs the doubling for the clubs. Nasuti signs the tris to 18 ', while in the first shot Sabatino, then again Nasuti and finally the usual Girelli finish the set. For the Brescia striker 27 goals scored in his probable best personal season, as for prolificity and performance.

The winner of the championship does not yet have a name, but it is on the other fields that important verdicts are consumed: La Res Roma closes the practice Soul and Body Orobica with a trick of the usual Pirone in the recovery and conquers the mathematical salvation, closing the championship to 38 points, 17 on the quint'ultima Cuneo that so salutes the series A. The former center Neapolitan scrub his day with a direct red and for a while Cristina Merli in the end does not find the goal of the same, but Pipitone denies her the joy of goal, foiling the placed football of the orobic director.
The Capitoline victory and the simultaneous fall on their playing field, by the hand of the Riviera di Romagna, condemned the Cuneo to the relegation.

The Piedmontese went first ahead to 20 'with Cobelli, but were reached in the final of the first fraction from Pugnali on a penalty. In the second half the double yellow Magrini complicates and not just the lives of guests who are likely to capitulate, but remain standing thanks to Sabrina Tasselli, decisive first on Sodini and then on Cobelli. In numerical inferiority the Ravenna still manage to return master of the field, with Patrizia Caccamo on the shields, very dangerous on several occasions. The guest advantage comes to the 81 'thanks to the usual bomb on the punishment of Tucceri Cimini. Race that then finally closed in full recovery with the final network of Mastrovincenzo.
With the three points conquered the Romagna will play the playout contest with the San Zaccaria between the walls of friends.

In fact, even the prestigious draw in the field of Graphistudio Tavagnacco, the umpteenth illustrious victim of the freshman from Ravenna, is not enough to allow Piedmont and his companions to bring their compatriots closer together. Good first half of the landlords, who find the deserved advantage of Sardu at 43 '. In the second half, a more balanced match, but a foul by Camporese on Principles in the 83 'area is fatal to the Friulian: Cimatti does not fail from the spot and fixes the result on the 1-1. Excellent championship of the Ravenna that one day in advance get the mathematical certainty of the playout with the Riviera.

Race that does not have great things to say for the classification, but always a classic of great appeal for our championship, the one between Torres and Florence. The result is unlocked at 11 'by captain Tona who takes the islands ahead. In the second half the teams faced off against each other, but the result will not change anymore.

Closes the review of the penultimate day the challenge between Pink Bari and Como 2000. Although already relegated the two teams offer a pleasant show to the supporters who arrived. The Lombards pass and double with a double of the former Inter Alice Cama, while ten from the end the Scotsman Lela Cleland makes the defeat of the Pugliese more digestible.

Next Saturday the championship ends. Eyes focused on the fields of San Zaccaria and Rome, where Verona and Brescia will go on stage, for the last tricolor act.

Meeting preview: Res Rome - Brescia

Meeting preview: San Zaccaria - Verona

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