Monday, September 16 2019
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In the final with a "Eurogol" of Sardu the Gialloblu suffer, in the final, the controversial draw of the San Zaccaria.
Only a draw, for the Graphistudio, in the last home game of the championship. Overcoming the San Zaccaria, the giallobluavrebbe mathematically conquered the fourth place: and, instead, to know who, between the Friuli, the Florence and Torres, will be camped near the podium, we must wait for the last 90 minutes. At the 2 'Principi tries to tease Copetti thirty meters, but the ground level is unrealistic. All '11' Frizza, served by Zuliani (the action starts from the feet of Parisi), could go in goal, but the right wing from a few meters is choked. 12 minutes pass and the gialloblu dare on a free kick from the edge. Brumana is looking for a round shot: Bonaventura's grip is rather easy. At the 26 ', however, the goalkeeper saves great on a close-range header of Camporese (the cross to the kiss comes from the right of Zuliani).

Press the Graphistudio and a shot of the very active Parisi, next to scrum, touches the crossbar. At 44 'is home advantage: Brumanaispira and Sardu saetta under the crossbar a right to the TNT.
The start of recovery sees the Graphistudio projected in search of doubling: first Brumana and then Parisi do not find, however, the winning stuck. At 20 'Bissoli, bruised, gives way to Pochero. At the 24 'a weak right of Parisi does not worry the biancorosso goalkeeper. At the 39 ', the crime. After being warned, the same number eight "contrasts" in the Principles area. For Panozzo is rigor: from the spot, Cimatti displaces Copetti. The Graphistudio does not have any more (Del Stabile and Lauriola struggle without finding the winning game), the San Zaccaria takes the point play - out while, the formation of Sara Di Filippo is already thinking about the match next Tuesday in Milan Marittima, against the Riviera of Romagna: who passes, breaks into the Italian Cup semi-final.


NETWORKS: 44pt Sardu, 39st Cimatti (penalty)

GRAPHISTUDIO: Copetti, Frizza, Peressotti, Tuttino, Bissoli (20st Pochero), Martinelli, Brumana, Parisi, Zuliani (44st Lauriola), Sardu, (30st Del Stabile) Camporese. Coach: Di Filippo: Available: Blancuzzi, Blarzino, Minutello, Sara Veritti.

SAN ZACCARIA: Bonaventura, Montalti, Infante, Filippozzi, Barbieri, Pancaldi, Galletti, Pondini (1st Longato), Cimatti (43st Antonecchia), Principi, Piedmont (45st Quadrelli). Coach: Lorenzini. Available: Tampieri, Salamon, Fratini, Gaburro.

REFEREE: Niccolò Panozzo of Castelfranco Veneto. Assistants: Cristina Spelgatti from Pordenone and Federica Fabello from Latisana.

AMMONITA: Principi, Barbieri, Parisi.

NOTES: Cloudy sky, terrain in fair conditions, 150 spectators. Corner kicks: 5 -1 for the Graphistudio. 2 + 6 recovery.

THE OTHER RESULTS: Pink Bari - Como 1 - 2, Torres - Florence 1 - 0, Brescia - Pordenone 6 - 0, Agsm Verona - Mozzanica 1 - 0, Orobica - Res Rome 0 - 1, Cuneo - Riviera di Romagna 1 - 3 .

CLASSIFICATION: Agsm Verona points 64, Brescia 63, Mozzanica 53, Graphistudio 47, Florence 45, Torres 44, Res Rome 38, Riviera di Romagna 32, San Zaccaria 28, Cuneo and Como 21, Pink Bari and Pordenone and 15, Orobica 8 .

Graphistudio Tavagnacco Press Office

Walter Pettinati
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