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In the days leading up to the twenty-fourth day of the championship, scheduled for Saturday 15: 00 at the San Marcellino sports facility (Florence), the respective DGs of the two teams, Vittorio Casucci for the Florence and Cristian Peri for Brescia, called to analyze and highlight the weekend meeting between purple and blue-white.

Vittorio Casucci, Director General of Florence:
"We come from a golden moment: having conquered the" Stadio Dei Pini "of Cervia has loaded the whole purple environment and made the lily exult in a meeting in which he had never found the three points. The classic score of 0-2 was the mirror of an optimal psycho-physical condition and the grit impressed in the Romagna match turned out to be really a spy of motivation, trying to chase, from here until the end, a better ranking in the standings.
Saturday, against Brescia, will be a triple exit. Parallel to the affirmation of Tuscany, the championship was also a spectator of a Lombard victory in the derby between lionesses and Bergamo and, certainly, the team of mister Milena Bertolini will follow a trend of performance and results absolutely leaders, trying not to err and so as not to benefit a Verona that could go on the run. "

Cristian Peri, General Manager of Brescia:
"The Brescia of recent weeks is a team that enjoys an excellent period of form, both physically and mentally. In fact, the direct matches played and won against Verona and Mozzanica, respectively twenty-first and twenty-third day of the championship, are the tangible proof.
On the other hand, the purple team is confirming how good Guagni and companions have managed to propose since the beginning of the season, a vintage carried forward in an important way and with more than positive results from the Tuscan.
With the aforementioned premises I will wait for a balanced Florentine competition, in which both sides will present themselves in the field aiming at the entire stake up for grabs. I'm sure it will be a first-rate football show. "

Press Office: Mattia Martini.

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