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Head and tail 270 final minutes of STRONG PASSION!

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Three games are missing at the end of the season, 270 minutes for a final sprint with "strong tones" both to win the Scudetto, and not to fall into Serie B (will be 4? Or 6? .. everything to decide ..).
In the latter day there were five victories outside, a single prerogative of the home team and a goalless draw; three players who made two goals: Brumana, Cimatti, Bonetti.
Mompiano has played the most important game and the Italian champions of Brescia took the three important points at stake against a Mozzanica who fought until the end, but had to "surrender the honor of arms" after 90 minutes in which Brescia, in the end, deserved the victory.
The Italian champions have played an excellent first half and after having realized the net of the advantage at the 8 ', thanks to a Girelli header on a corner kick, they still missed some opportunities to double, Cernoia tries two times and then Sabatino catches a sensational cross, in the final time Tarenzi and Girelli try to double, but Gritti is always ready to foil the threat. The Mozzanica, without some important pawns (Mauri, Piva, Schiavi), can not construct important offensive actions, also, it must be said, for several measurement errors in the passages in the last twenty meters. In the second half the Mozzanica enters with another look and immediately puts in difficulty the defense of Brescia, with a nice combination Scarpellini-Giacinti, but the shot of the tip of Bergamo ends up just to the side. A second chance happens soon after to Cambiaghi (substituted to Mason), but Linari sventa the threat to few meters from the line of goal with Marchitelli out of the poles. The Bergamo pressure is however well controlled by Brescia, which at this juncture only acts with some remittances. Still on a corner kick the Mozzanica is in difficulty, but the network of Sabatino, at the 12 ', is canceled for a boost by the attacker from Brescia on Riboldi. The Mozzanica builds two other important opportunities with Giacinti and Cambiaghi, but on a fast counterattack the Brescia is doubled to 83 ': fly Alborghetti on the right, perfect center for Sabatino that bag with a well-aimed header. A minute passes and the Mozzanica shortens the distances: Karlsson error from the limit and Giacinti with a precise lob overtook Marchitelli! The generous final forcing of the Mozzanica does not give an outcome, the result is so right to Brescia that continues to hold "the breath on the neck" to Verona!

What happened to Torres from the 68 'to the 74' of the recovery is all to understand ..., how can a team of the value of the island team suffer in 6 minutes FIVE nets, after having played a good first part of the race and to have gone ahead at 46 'with Domenichetti ..? Beautiful and balanced the first half with Verona that immediately goes ahead to 2 ': Panico cross, the action continues and Gelmetti, well placed in the area, with a precise touch exceeds Fazio. Replica three minutes after the Torres that draws the score with Marchese, the Sardinian forward, just entered the area, exceeds Ohrstrom out. The game is basically balanced with opportunities for both teams to take the lead, with Gabbiadini on one side and Marquis on the other, but the first half ends in a draw. At the first minute of the recovery comes the advantage of the net for Torres with Domenichetti who strikes Ohrstrom with a great shot from the edge. After other occasions on one side and on the other (Gelmetti, Tona, Bonetti and Flaviano in the order ...), at the 68 'begins the INCUBE for Torres: beautiful turn on Bonetti's flight that exceeds Fazio, ball in the middle and Sipos , with a strong shot from distance, surprises the extreme red-blue defender; two minutes later Bonetti packs his daily double with a nice personal action and last but not least ... at 74 'Fuselli surprises Fazio with a perfect cross shot! At 94 'Baldo signs the sixth network of Scala ... incredible really ends 2-6!

The Tavagnacco at the end breathed a sigh of relief, but the final fear was so much with the danger of a comeback, which would have had the resounding from the Bari team in search of the points of safety! The meeting, from the beginning, saw the Friulian team hold the field well and touch the net of the advantage on several occasions: Brumana's pole and Camporese's shot to the side, but the decisive turn of the meeting comes with the expulsion goalkeeper Di Bari for a foul on De Stabile on the edge of the area (14 ') ... the "surgical" punishment of Brumana does not give Rizzi escape.
From here on the Tavagnacco match is downhill, even if the Bari defense puts the right grit to avoid other signatures until the end of time.
In the second half, after a couple of failed chances on both sides, the Friulian doubling of Brumana arrives at the 64: the Camporese launch, the friulana bomber controls the ball and with a great shot exceeds the Bari defender. After an attempt by Clelland foiled by Blancuzzi there is the third network for the girls of Di Filippo signed by Camporese. All finished? So it seems, but at the 79 'Conte, with a shot from the distance and puts Blancuzzi in two minutes later the goalkeeper from Friuli is forced to collect in his goal the ball on a penalty awarded for a foul by Peressotti (expelled ...) on Clelland , which the Bari striker signs with due coolness. In the end the Tavagnacco is revived ... and puts the meeting under control until the end!

Two goals and three golden points for Florence on the Riviera di Romagna field; the start of the race was not very combative on the part of the two teams and the first real chance from the net happened only to the 24 'on a close shot of Adani, saved in extremis by Ugolini on the goal line. At the end of the first half the Riviera is approaching the net with a nice shot of Shepherd flying a little over the crossbar. In the second half the first purple net arrived: on Rodella's assist, control in the Razzolini area that frees himself of an adversary and with a touch he overcomes Tasselli. The game is substantially balanced even if it is the Florence still have some opportunities to double, but the net of the definitive advantage only comes to the 88 'with a conclusion of Vigilucci who, after two defenders, enters the area and accurately puts in the net nullifying Tasselli's intervention.

Only in the second half San Zaccaria was right of the Orobica, which, although already relegated, offered a tenacious opposition to the girls of Lorenzini, who nevertheless held the reins of the match for almost all the 90 minutes. In the first part of the race the San Zaccaria had some opportunities to take the lead with Piemonte and Cimatti, but Salvi was good and thwarted the threat! In the second half, in the space of four minutes, the nets from the guests 'advantage arrive: 52', Longato's shot, deflected by a defender, Cimatti grabs the ball and from the edge with a great shot exceeds Salvi; 56 'Cimatti lanca Longato that with a strong diagonal sends the ball behind the extreme orobico defender; at 63 'with the expulsion of Riva in protest the Orobica remains in ten; after some occasions still for the San Zaccaria, the Orobica with Massussi reopens the meeting with a good counterattack action, preceding Bonavantura in exit. It only takes a minute and comes the tris romagnolo thanks to the second network of Cimatti with a great shot that slips under the crossbar of Salvi.

The value of the three points in a championship final doubles if the opponent is a direct competitor in the fight not to recede. Today the Cuneo had the obligation to win and instead came out defeated by Como. The absence of Sodini and Papaleo were decisive for Cuneo and Como immediately took advantage of it by putting in difficulty the defense of Piedmont on several occasions. The network that turns out decisive then comes after the first quarter of the race: poisonous corner kick on which Osimo intervenes, the ball unluckily hits Librandi and ends on the net! The meeting travels on bland rhythms and the Cuneo does not have the strength necessary for a concrete reaction and the Como easily controls the race but could be reopened by the Piedmont team with Librandi in the final of time, but the defense save in extremis . In the second half to be highlighted a crossbar of Como and some good initiatives of Cuneo that, with a motion of pride, in the final look for a tie with Tudisco and Librandi, but the conclusions are inaccurate and Como pockets the three very useful points for his final championship that will see him opposite all'Orobica, the Pink Sport-Time and Torres.

Pordenone and Res Roma share the post with a goalless draw, in a game that, even if agonistically fought, has resulted in almost all the 90 minutes not very nice, with few important actions from the network, where the result it therefore reflects the entire course of the meeting. The few news items are limited to some initiatives by Pirone and Palombi, a punishment by Simonetti for the Res Rome and for Pordenone, a wonderful opportunity for De Val who sends out only a short time before Pipitone. In the final race the RES could take home the three points, when Pirone heads Belgrade ahead, but La Terza with a decisive intervention one meter from the line deflects the ball that was entering the net!

This is the calendar of the last three days: two good matches await us between Tavagnacco and Verona, while Florence will host Brescia; interesting match between the Mozzanica and Torres. Clash of salvation between the San Zaccaria and the Pink-Sport Time, a three point obligation for Como that will be opposed all'Orobica, for the Pordenone against the Riviera, the Cuneo against the Res Rome!


Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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