The derby at Brescia is second and farther away.

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networks: Girelli (B) at 8 'pt; Sabatino (B) at 39 'and Giacinti (M) at 40' st

Brescia: 1 MARCHITELLI, 2 BONANSEA (from 29 'st NASUTI), 3 D'ADDA, 4 KARLSSON, 5 LINARS, 6 ROSUCCI, 7 CERNOIA, 8 ALBORGHETTI, 9 SABATINO, 10 GIRELLI, 11 TARENZI (from 39' ST BOATTIN). All. Milena Bertolini. Available: Caesar, Zanoletti, Prost, Zizioli, Costi.

Mozzanica: 1 GRITTI, 2 RIBOLDI, 3 TONANI, 4 RACES, 5 RIZZON, 6 LOCATELLI, 7 IANNELLA, 8 DOSSI (from 25 'ST FUSAR POLI), 9 GIACINTI, 10 SCARPELLINI (from 39' ST GARAVELLI), 11 MASON (from 1 'ST CHANGES). All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Capelletti, Brambilla, Pernigoni, Cervi.

Referee: Paride Tremolada of Monza; Assistants: Lipari and Loda di Brescia.

Note:Spring day and field in good condition. Present about 400 spectators. 1 '+ 3' recovery. Best in the field: Rosucci (B) and Giacinti (M).

The derby still speaks Brescia. The landlords impose themselves on their land against a generous Mozzanica, but I live only in the second half. Typical spring day at Club Azzurri di Mompiano. The Brescia deployed in almost similar form: Milena Bertolini prefers in fact Alborghetti to Nasuti in extremis. Nazzarena Grilli should instead renounce Mauri, as well as the disqualified Schiavi and the long-term Piva. Confirmed then at the center of the Rizzon defense, while Dossi is on the outside high right.

The swallows start strong: at the 6 'ex Tarenzi tries the central pits, is hindered by Tonani that takes away the ball, but this comes to Girelli that shoots right. The shot below the ground comes out of a palm of the hand from the first upright. The landlords push on the accelerator and find the advantage to 8 ': Bonansea wins a corner, from the lunette goes Cernoia that crosses the second pole where Cristiana Girelli stands almost undisturbed and the other side bulging the network. The Bergamasks try a timid reaction to the 11 ', when Mason slips between and is unsuccessfully stopped at the edge of the area from Linari. Tonani's shot goes, but his dirty ending is deflected by Dossi and becomes easy prey for Marchitelli. Cernoia at 16 'from long distance tries to surprise Gritti who is careful and raises on the crossbar. The same no. 7 Brescia cut the shot from the flag forcing the n. 1 Bergamo to take refuge again in the corner with a shot of the kidneys. The Mozzanica appears confused and sporadically manages to become dangerous: at 19 'Scarpellini sends Mason vertically, who tries the difficult conclusion on the fly from long distance, missing the big target. Instead, the landlords to go close to doubling on several occasions: at the 27 'Sabatino widens for Rosucci, cross tense at the far post where Cernoia hits the head from two steps, but does not frame the mirror. Shortly after half an hour Sabatino penetrates into the area and shoots at the net, striking the crossbar in full. Later they try in sequeza Tarenzi (ball on the bottom) and Girelli (nice parade on the ground of Gritti). The Mozzanica struggled to create opportunities on the net, despite the generosity of its exterior. Iannella 41 'tries Mason posted on the far post, but the cross is long by a handful of centimeters. At the end of the first fraction, however, Riboldi's intervention to harness the Bonansea low cross for Tarenzi, placed on the second post with the goalkeeper beaten. The first half ended with Brescia deservedly ahead, while the Bergamo were in serious difficulty.

Grilli knows that it is necessary to make a change and remove Mason, not yet at his best, inserting Michela Cambiaghi and moving Iannella to the center, Stracchi to the right and Dossi to the left. The move immediately gives its fruits because the biancocelesti seem to enter the field with a very different look from the first fraction. Just a few seconds to see the first occasional for the Mozzanica, with Scarpellini serving on the counterattack Giacinti, the control is not the easiest and the Panzer seeks the touch of tip to anticipate Marchitelli, sending out of the mirror. Shortly thereafter Giacinti goes to the bottom and puts in the middle for Cambiaghi who is anticipated to goalkeeper beaten by Linari. The Mozzanica seems to have really awakened in this second fraction. Sabatino counterattack doubles the 12 ', but committing a foul on Riboldi and the race director stops everything. At the 25 'Nazzarena Grilli plays the Fusar Poli card that detects Jenny Dossi. Time runs and at 27 ', on the developments of a corner, the ball reaches the left side where Tonani throws back into the heap, Rizzon stands out and leads from a good position, but sending the ball just beyond the crossbar. At 32 'Cambiaghi tries from afar, not finding the mirror. Shortly after Iannella goes through the central streets, Giacinti throws himself on the ball, Marchitelli coming out first on the ball, but in an attempt to sweep it hits the striker Bergamo, risking a sensational shot of carambola. The Mozzanica is now projected forward, but in its best moment the cynical Brescia finds the net of doubling: Alborghetti counterattack goes to the right and crossed to perfection for the head of Sabatino who enters the network, nothing to do for Gritti. But even the time to celebrate that Giacinti takes advantage of an incorrect disengagement of Karlsson and draws the classic spoon to Marchitelli, reopening the race after a few seconds from the Brescia network. The new entry Boattin puts in the small area, but Girelli does not control and Gritti recovers. The race is alive until the final stages. In full recovery the guests take a corner. The ball rejected by the defense is taken to the limit by Tonani who tries to counterbalance, but firing into orbit and finally extinguishing the orobic hopes. Shortly thereafter the triple whistle of the race director arrives, who sends everyone into the locker room. The derby is from Brescia that continues its run-up to Verona leaders, while for the girls of Nazzarena Grilli the goal champions fades today in Mompiano. Too bad for the first 45 minutes really bad in Bergamo, while in the second half would certainly deserve something more. Now it remains a championship final to be honored and an Italian Cup final to be reached, but to do so the biancocelesti will have to clash again with Girelli and companions.

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