Tuesday, January 21 2020
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tavagnacco brumana
In Bari comes the fifth victory in a row but the Gialloblu, ahead of three goals, are likely to be reached: 3 - 2. Di Brumana (two goals) and Camporese the signatures of success
Mission accomplished also in Puglia. But of conclusive patemi, with the result of 3 - 0 in ice and a pawn of advantage on the ground, we would have done without. The Graphistudiocontrolla, in fact, the Pink Bari, desperate for points of salvation, maybe does not shine for quality of play but slips three times the formation of home and portends a final phase in total control. In the last remnants of the race, however, a double blaze red and white appeals to Brumana and companions, throwing doubts (fortunately only those) on the final outcome. It is however the fifth consecutive victory for the girls of Sara Di Filippo, who will host the leaders Verona on Saturday.
The news of training this time concern the goalkeeper: after three months, in fact, Blancuzzi returns holder. At 6 'gialloblu became dangerously dangerous: the penalty from the edge of Brumana is printed on the post.
At the 13 ', however, the captain inspires Camporese that on the exit of the goalkeeper fails, however, control. At 14 'one of the key episodes. Del Stabile is knocked down by the goalkeeper in exit: the referee extracts the red. On the next kick from the Brumana limit, do not forgive the new entry Rizzi. At 19 'Zuliani escapes the defense of Bari and shoots on the extreme home defender. The first shot of Bari falls to 27: 'Clelland retrieves a ball and concludes, but the right of the Scotsman does not worry Blancuzzi. At the 30 'still Brumana in evidence. The captain takes possession of the ball and runs away to Rizzi: the shot is however lopsided.
After the tea starts again and, at the 11 ', Tuttino tries the chance to rebound: the ball gets up on the crossbar. Enter Peressotti and Sardu (respectively for Cecotti and Del Stabile); then, at 14 ', Blancuzzi makes his first parade in the afternoon, deflecting a poisonous Clelland ball. At the 19 'the two zero Friulian: excellent overlap of Camporese and ball to the kiss for Brumana that tames the ball and, left, fires Rizzi. Clelland tries to tease Blancuzzi at the 21 ': the shot ends up high. The trio is signed by Camporese, served by Parisi: on the first option there is Rizzi; on the rejected the patavina scaraventa in net. Suddenly, at the 34 ', the Pink Bari shortens the distances: the left low shot that strikes Blancuzzi is of Conte. A minute later Peressotti closes his short experience, hooking (but the defender denies any involvement) in the Clelland area: direct red. From the disk the Scotsman signs the 2 - 3. In the last few minutes, however, the Apulian competitive vision goes off and the Graphistudi can get back to success without success.


NETWORKS: 17pt and 19st Brumana, 29st Camporese, 34st Conte, 36st Clelland (penalty)

PINK BARI: Bari, Akherradze, Novellino, Anaclerio, Trotta, Spelic, Moore, Vitanza, Clelland, Ceci (6st Conte), Rogation (16pt Rizzi). Coach: Cardone. Available: Pinto, Dell'Ernia, Paolillo, Olivieri, Miranda.

GRAPHISTUDIO: Blancuzzi, Frizza, Cecotti (11st Peressotti), Tuttino, Bissoli, Martinelli, Brumana, Parisi (32st S.Veritti), Del Stabile (13st Sardu), Zuliani, Camporese. Coach: Di Filippo. Available: Copetti, Blarzino, Lauriola.

REFEREE: Piacenza of Bari. Assistants: De Simone and Quaranta of Taranto.

ESPULSO: 14pt Di Bari, in the interval the coach of Pink Bari Cardone and, at 35st Peressotti

AMMONITE: Camporese, Brumana.
NOTES: Clear skies, synthetic terrain, 150 spectators.

OTHER RESULTS: Torres - Agsm Verona 2 - 6, Cuneo - Como 0 - 1, Riviera di Romagna - Florence 0 - 2, Brescia - Mozzanica 2 - 1, Pordenone - Res Rome 0 - 0, Orobica - San Zaccaria 1 - 3 .

CLASSIFICATION: Agsm Verona points 58, Brescia 57, Mozzanica 50, Graphistudio 46, Florence 45, Torres 41, Res Rome 32, Riviera di Romagna 28, San Zaccaria 24, Cuneo 21, Como 17, Pink Bari 15, Pordenone 14, Orobica 7.

Graphistudio Tavagnacco Press Office

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and author of calciodonne.it



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