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sanzaccaria raga midfield
AZZANO S. PAOLO - A valuable double by Cimatti and the pearl of Longato give the San Zaccaria a heavy success in the challenge at the home of the rear end. 3 1 the final result of a race with two faces, with red and white with the ball of the game in hand but subdued in the first half, then after the interval came the decisive change of gear in winning the victory. Three platinum points that allow the Romagnole to separate the Cuneo, fell in the house with Como and to halve the gap from Res Rome and Riviera di Romagna, respectively stops on the same in Pordenone and ko with Florence. To date it would be playout against the Riviera. The chronicle of the meeting of Azzano San Paolo.
The San Zaccaria immediately commands operations but it is very difficult to be incisive subnet: at 6 'Salamon ends high from the limit, at 9' Cimatti's shot is saved in two times by Salvi. At the 27 'on the cross of Principi, Pancaldi and Filippozzi head-buttes do not impact the ball, which ends at the side. A minute later, the Piedmont side's lead on a free-kick from the distance was neutralized in two stages on the goal line from Salvi. The first half is all here, the Ravenna understand that to bring home the full booty serves to increase the pace and in the second half enter the field with even greater determination and the first thrust strike: the 7 'shot of Longato repped, the ball goes to the limit on the feet of Cimatti that with a splendid parabola exceeds Salvi. The doubling is a matter of minutes: at 11 'Cimatti finds Longato that converges and from an angled position invents an amazing diagonal that slips into the opposite lower corner. Great goals and 2 at 0. On the wings of the enthusiasm for the deadly one-two the red and white touch the trio with Cimatti and Piedmont, who after a wonderful exchange with Principi shoots out. The Orobica remains in ten, the Romagnole administrate and Galletti diagonally calls the goalkeeper to the rejected (34 '). Suddenly, however, the Bergamasques reopen the match: on one of the few offensive sorties Massussi served in depth comes face to face with Bonaventura and beats with a precise low shot (39 '). The San Zaccaria immediately puts the result to safety after a few minutes: Principi triggers Cimatti, the bomber enters the area and with a perfect left stabs Salvi under the crossbar (42 '). It is the 3 network at the final 1.

OROBICA: Salvi, Barcella (61 'Vavassori), Poet, Vezzoli (55' Riva), Asperti, Brasi, Zamboni, Fodri, Peaks, Merli (73 'Massussi), Zangari. Available: Benigni, Coffetti, Lacchini, Bianchi. All. Marini.

S. ZACCARIA: Bonaventura, Montalti, Salamon, Filippozzi, Barbieri, Pancaldi, Longato (61 'Santoro, 76' Galletti), Pondini, Cimatti, Principi, Piedmont (68 'Fratini). Available: Tampieri, Quadrelli, Infante, Barbaresi. All. Lorenzini.
REFEREE: Caldera di Como
NETWORKS: 52 ', 87' Cimatti, 56 'Longato, 84' Massussi.
NOTES: expelled to the 63 'Riva for protests. National coach Antonio Cabrini is in the stands.

Ivan Zannoni

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