Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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verona exultanza15Torres and Agsm Verona face the synthetic of Usini in the "Classica" of the Serie A championship.
The sardines are without the Spanish attacker Serrano disqualified.
Mister Longega must instead renounce Salvai, Ramera, and former Maendly, but finds Panico, the great ex, and Di Criscio.
The scaligere start immediately determined and get the advantage at the first thrust: Patrizia Panico with a conclusion from the distance catches the intersection of the poles, the action continues with the Gialloblù that insist in the Sardinian area, which comes to Gelmetti good to bag without leave Fazio's escape.
There is not even time to enjoy the Veronese advantage that Torres immediately grabs the same with Marchese who enters the area and beats Ohrstrom with a powerful conclusion.
Torres gains confidence and meters, becoming dangerous with the usual Marchese, the result deflected in the corner by the defense of Verona.
The Gialloblù answer is in the feet of Captain Gabbiadini who calls Fazio to the parade in two stages.
Marquis, definitely the most dangerous among the rossoblù, commits Ohrsrom in the parade on the ground.
The Veronese are struggling to build insidious actions against a very determined and concentrated Torres.
The first fraction of the game closes like this in a tie.
Not even the time to note the beginning of the recovery and Torres took the lead with Domenichetti who on the edge of the area won the duel with Di Criscio and fulminates Ohrstrom with an unsuccessful conclusion.
Very occasional for Verona on the counterattack: Panico in the middle of the area serves Gelmetti who, all alone, incredibly fails the conclusion with the door wide open.
On the other side, the imitations Elisabetta Tona fail to tap-in on the development of a corner kick.
The team that must win the victory at all seems the Torres that field in a grit superior to that shown by the fearful Gialloblù.
Tatiana Bonetti tries after a quarter of an hour but does not find the door. Same result shortly after for the torresina Flaviano.
When everything seems to be directed decisively in favor of the rossoblù colors, the Veronese have a jolt and in two minutes they overturn the result.
Tatiana Bonetti tames the ball and with a spell she turns around and on the fly beats Fazio for the Scaliger draw.
Ball in the middle and on the next attack action the scaligere return with the conclusion of Lilla Sipos that leaves no way out to Fazio.
But it's not over! The Torres, until then impeccable, breaks up and the Veronese take the opportunity to put the arrow.
Tatiana Bonetti, one of the best in the field, signed the four-by-two network and exploded the Verona bench.
On the wings of enthusiasm comes a little later also the former goal: the signing Silvia Fuselli that sees Fazio placed badly and instead of a cross brush the conclusion on the first pole that definitely extinguishes the ardors of the Sardinian team.
In full recovery there is time for the icing on the cake, the sixth network of scaligera signed by the new entry Carlotta Baldo who fixes the final two to six.
Verona also overcomes the difficult Sardinian test after a race of a thousand emotions and keeps on top of the standings. Now the missing days are only three. Saturday next second consecutive trip to Gabbiadini and expected companions in Friuli on the Tavagnacco field.


Networks: Pt. 1 'Gelmetti, 5' Marchese, st. 1 'Domenichetti, 22' Bonetti, 23 'Sipos, 25' Bonetti, 28 'Fuselli, 48' Baldo

Torres: Fazio, Bartoli, Motta, Galli, Tona, Piacezzi (31 'St Esposito), Domenichetti, Marquis, Flaviano, Giuliano, Pinna (36' St Murru).
Coach: Mario Pompili.

Agsm Verona: Ohrstrom, Squato, Ledri, Carissimi, Fuselli, Di Criscio, Bonetti (43 'St Baldo), Gabbiadini, Panico, Gelmetti (28' St Marconi), Sipos.
Coach: Renato Longega.
Referee: Amir Salama of Ostia Lido.
Assistants: Francesco Collu and Danilo Gorni from Oristano.
Notes: Artificial turf field, warm and sunny day. Spectators about 200. 1 + 4 recovery.
Usini (Sassari).

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