Saturday, 21 September 2019
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VERONA and BRESCIA ... in the sign of the SEVEN!

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In the twenty-second day of the championship Verona and Brescia have overcome their opponents with a result curiously the same, two 7-1 that, four days from the end, give the start to a final sprint that is uncertain and exciting already starting from the next day, which will see the Verona engaged in Sardinia against Torres and Brescia on their own field against the third force of the tournament: the Mozzanica!
The Agsm Verona, leaders, has easily got rid of the Pink Sport Time of Bari: a game without history that has seen the girls of Longega in the lead of three nets at zero already at the end of the first half. After several opportunities for Verona, the first network arrives at 28 ', when Bonetti puts in the middle a cross that Gabbiadini leads to the net. They spend only two minutes and the doubling is done: Ramera precisely serves Gelmetti that with a half turn on the fly exceeds Rizzi. The third network at the 41 'is Carissimi, who escaped on the offside line, does not give way to the outgoing goalkeeper Bari.

In the second half is still the Verona that said the law and wastes two other opportunities, even if it is the Bari team to shorten the distances with Clelland (62 '). After a pole of Gelmetti arrives the fourth net and second staff of Gabbiadini that pierces Rizzi after a bell'assist of Gelmetti. At 78 'Dear with a great shot on the fly exceeds the Bari defender. Two minutes later comes the sixth network by Sipos with a nice diagonal area and one minute from the end the seventh Veronese seal is about Gelmetti with a nice shot that displaces Rizzi.

Another goleada, this time in Como, by Brescia, but only in the second half has expressed its "power", while in the first part of the race Como has held the field well, granting only one network to the 44 'by Girelli, with a cross shot that, with a strange trajectory, is bagged behind Presutti.
The recovery is a white-blue monologue and the nets flake. At 50 'Bonansea puts the ball in the net, with a touch down, after a launch by Tarenzi. At the 60 'is still Girelli who makes the set for his team with a precise shot within the area. At 65 'Boattin scored his first goal "Brescia" with a great conclusion diagonally. At the 72 'you can finally see the Como: at the 72' Cama makes Lariano's afternoon less bitter with a resounding blow that slips under the crossbar of Marchitelli. In the last ten minutes, three other networks arrive; Bonansea discards the 80 'goalkeeper in the area; a minute later comes the double of Tarenzi that, with a perfect shot, surpasses Presutti signing his first goal and immediately after, with a precise conclusion in the area does not give way to the extreme defender of Como.

"A hard task" was to overcome the Orobica of Mister Marini by a Mozzanica that was presented on the field Aldo Moro with still in the head the great success achieved in the Italian Cup on Verona. Perhaps the safety of a game on the easy card has limited the determination of the girls of Mister Grilli that on the field have found many difficulties to find the way of the network, even if then of occasions they have had, even wrong yet another penalty kick! Start well the Mozzanica pushing on the accelerator, but first Scarpellini, then Mason and subsequently Giacinti sin of imprecision. The Orobica, which in the meantime has lost Merli due to injury after a fight with Schiavi enshrined by a yellow that will then be heavy for the expert player from Bergamo, tries to defend her own door by closing any space, but at half an hour Riboldi is landed in area: the penalty awarded to the Mozzanica, however, is kicked out by Scarpellini!
At the end of the time we also try Stracchi, but the shot is high and at the last minute the Mozzanica takes it with the referee for the failure to grant another penalty for the knockdown of Mason.
In the second half the Mozzanica pushes forward and other opportunities are wasted by the attackers, they try Mason, then Stracchi and Giacinti, but there is nothing to do.
At the second 22 'yellow for Schiavi and Mozzanica in 10, then Nazzarena Grilli makes a change that will be winning: Scarpellini out for Cambiaghi.
After another opportunity wasted by Iannella, at the 30 'Cambiaghi launches Giacinti who from the left starts a perfect cross that Mason, returning after three months, puts on the network. In the minutes of recovery also comes the doubling of the Mozzanica, thanks to a nice conclusion to the flight of Cambiaghi.

It took only a minute to Florence to unlock the result, when on a cross of Vicchairello, Rinaldi, with a perfect volley, signing his first goal of the day, he will do two more ...!
The match was in the first fraction of the game fairly balanced, without many opportunities from the network by the purple girls, with the dangerous Cuneo in some starts with the ever "threatening" Sodini, which, at the beginning of the second half, produced the Piedmont draw, thanks at a shot that passes under the legs of Matsubayaschi and ends in the network.
The Florence then has a reaction and Vicchairello, with a nice personal action, puts in Rinaldi condition to get to the edge of the area and to conclude on the net surpassing Ozimo.
After two other missed opportunities by the girls of Fattori, with Guagni and Vicchierello, and two by the Cuneo, with Franco and Sodini, you get three minutes from the end with the third personal network of Rinaldi, which puts on the net a short rejected by Ozimo on Guagni's shot.

Great beautiful Res Rome, the one seen today on the field Raimondo Vianello, which has passed the Riviera di Romagna with three beautiful networks, thus ensuring the almost mathematical salvation to 31 points! Immediately starts the team of Mister Melillo who is already in goal after just one minute: precise punishment of Ciccotti, Villani with a header behind Vicenzi. The red-yellow girls, insist ahead and first Pirone, tall, then Palombi, with Vicenzi who para big, can not double down. Caccamo on the other side tries, but Pipitone is always careful and to the conclusion. At the 21 'Simonetti, served by Pirone, leaves a delicious lob that does not give escape to Vicenzi ... great goal of the young Roman player!
They spend a few minutes and the referee assigns a penalty to the Riviera for a knockdown in the area of ​​Caccamo, Petralia sends out the ball from the eleven meters!
The Res Rome "celebrates" the escaped danger going to score the third network at 36 'with Palombi, very good at getting rid of the area with a dribble and put the ball behind the goalkeeper Romagna.
In the second half the pace drops, but not the network opportunities for the Res Rome that often touches poker with Pirone, Palombi and Simonetti, then the same Neapolitan bomber hits the crossbar!

Beautiful and exciting until the final minutes the DERBY between the Tavagnacco and the Pordenone, solved "last second" dall'ennesima prowess of Brumana!
Departure in perfect balance between the two teams, even if the most dangerous conclusions are for Tavagnacco with Parisi and Tuttino
At the 30 'the advantage of Tavagnacco arrives: Brumana passes for Parisi who overcomes the goalkeeper of Pordenone with a great shot from distance. They spend only two minutes and Veritti (debut in Serie A), in a confusing melee in the area, doubles for Tavagnacco. One of two deadly but does not demoralize the girls of Toffolo who carry forward and 38 'shorten the distance with Peroni well served by De Val.
At 43 'the draw comes, the ball that parades in the area and Lotto with a strong shot behind Copetti. The weather ends with a low Camporese conclusion.
The recovery is quite similar to the first half and the opportunities are not lacking, Tuttino tries and, on the other side, De Val, but the ball is lost at the bottom in both circumstances. Then Sardu commits Belgrade and Camporese hits the outside post.
At 45 ', Camporese takes another pole ... and at the last minute Brumana, from the short distance, starts a precise lob that Belgrade can not reach so much precise is the direction of the ball!
San Zaccaria -Torrers played today.

Match full of emotions and goals to the "Soprani" between the landlords of San Zaccaria and Torres. The race ends 3 at 3 in the minutes of recovery when Torres manages to score the equal goal that freezes the hope of victory for the Romagnole. The nets: at 10 'Serrano, at 34' Cimatti for San Zaccaria, at 5 st. Cimatti, at 6 'Flaviano, at 25 st. still Cimatti, at the 46 'Serrano! Congratulations to Cimatti for the hat-trick and Serrano for the double!

The 23 'day, four from the end ..., presents the most important match of the day with the high altitude battle between Brescia and Mozzanica, follow Torres-AGSM Verona, Riviera di Romagna-Florence, Pink sport Time Bari-Tavagnacco, Pordenone -Res Roma, Orobica-San Zaccaria and Cuneo-Como.

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