On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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2-0 all'Orobica, but how much effort!

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Networks: Mason at 30 'and Cambiaghi at 48' st

Mozzanica: 1 GRITTI, 2 RIBOLDI, 3 TONANI, 4 RACES, 5 SLAVES, 6 LOCATELLI (1 'ST FUSAR POLI), 7 IANNELLA, 8 RIZZON, 9 GIACINTI, 10 SCARPELLINI (from 23' ST CAMBIAGHI), 11 MASON. All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Capelletti, Dossi, Pernigoni, Brambilla, Garavelli.

Orobica: 1 SALVI, 2 BRASI, 3 ZANGARI, 4 POETA (from 21 'ST VAVASSORI), 5 PEAKS, 6 BARCELLA, 7 ASPERTI, 8 VEZZOLI (from 7' ST FODRI), 9 MERLI Luana (from 13 'pt RIVA) , 10 MERLI Cristina, 11 ZAMBONI. All. Marianna Marini. Available: Benigni, Bianchi, Lacchini, Massussi.

Referee: Ludwig Raus of Brescia; assistants Said El Khalfaoui (Bergamo) and Jordi Casati (Treviglio).

Ammonite: Schiavi, Giacinti (M) and Zamboni (O); Expelled Schiavi to the 22 'st for double yellow.

Notes: Clear sky, field in good condition. 1 '+ 3' recovery. Best in the field: Stracchi (M) and Picchi (O)

The Mozzanica manages to make his derby with the Orobica, but struggling more than necessary. Biancocelesti and guests took to the field for the twenty-second day of Serie A, under a beautiful spring sun and with temperatures milded by a pleasant breeze. The big surprise today is in the formation of the landlord, where Marta Mason returns from the first minute, after more than three months of absence from the playing fields. But there is no Mauri and Mr. Grilli re-proposes in the middle center Giulia Rizzon, after the excellent test of the Italian cup. Guests in typical training, with Luana Merli and Picchi offensive terminals, while the other Merli, the former Franciacorta Cristina, is deployed in the control room.

The first conclusion is Rizzon, at the 5 'with the ball abundantly out of the mirror. At the 9 'the Orobica loses an important pawn, Luana Merli, hit hard by Schiavi. The wall of Cremona thus remedies the first yellow of the match, while the host striker is carried out on a stretcher and is replaced by Virginia Riva. At 14 'Scarpellini receives and serves Iannella vertically from the limit test the stone, sending over the crossbar. A few seconds pass and Stracchi from the left corner crosses the second pole where Mason detaches, but badly impacts, sending the ball to the bottom. The azzanesi close well and the landlords struggle to untangle the skein. At the 28 'Schiavi rises to support his companions, brush in the pile for the head of Giacinti, but the lash of the attacker Bergamo is totally out of target. A minute after the biancocelesti (today in yellowblu uniform) have a sensational opportunity to take the lead: Riboldi penetrates the area on the beautiful invitation by Scarpellini and is landed plateausly by Zangari. No doubt for the referee indicating the penalty spot. From the eleven meters, however, Scarpellini ciabatta incredibly on the bottom, imitating Antonio Cabrini of the Mundial '82. Fourth penalty failed the biancocelesti in a row this season. A little later Tonani tries directly on a free-kick from long range, but Salvi blocks without problems. At 42 'Daniela Stracchi to try the solution from the edge, but the shot is at the bottom. At 45 'Rizzon is scuttled by Brasi conspicuously in the middle, but Mr Raus of the section of Brescia does not feel like decreeing a second penalty for the landlords and lets go on. Thus ends the first fraction with the result stopped on the 0-0

In the second half Mister Grilli leaves in the locker room Captain Locatelli as a precaution and inserts the young Fusar Poli. The biancocelesti show themselves immediately at the 2 ': Iannella crosses from the left towards the second post, where Mason does not find the winning deviation a few steps from the guest door. Five minutes later Marianna Marini shuffled the cards inserting Fodri for Vezzoli. Riva at 9 'does everything by itself, the initiative is generous, but without luck. A minute later the landlords have a very special occasion: Tonani crossa a bell tower, Giacinti stands still, but sends over the pole to the left of Salvi. Stracchi and companions are struggling to find the liberatory inspiration and at the 22 'the race director takes his to complicate things, extracting a questionable second yellow to Schiavi and the resulting red card for the n. 5 in yellow jersey. The Mozzanica is forced to continue the race in ten. The oracle of Città di Castello then tried everything by inserting Michela Cambiaghi for an unused Scarpellini. With the less man the proverb of Baron Liedholm is realized and the landlords shake off the mothballs, bringing out the character seen only occasionally in the first seventy minutes. At 29 'Sandy Iannella tries the central percussion, but his right is high. To solve the troubles of the mozzanichesi thinks once again the Panzer of Val Cavallina: we are at half an hour when Cambiaghi, launches Giacinti on the left, which flees to the bottom and serves Marta Mason a ball that asks only to be pushed into the net . The former Verona returns to the goal on his return and rejoices the local public. The advantage unlocks psychologically the landlords who control the result without danger and find the doubling at the end of extra time: Iannella goes solo on the bottom and makes the ball on the other side where Cambiaghi turns on the fly, drawing a treacherous parable , on which the n. 1 host can not do anything. The bench of the premises explodes, where Nazzarena Grilli lets herself be carried away by the euphoria of the moment. Immediate comes the triple whistle of the race director. The Mozzanica gets the three points and remains in the wake of the leading pair. On Saturday, the Biancocelesti will face the tough trip to that of Mompiano, where they will face the Brescia of Milena Bertolini, for a derby that could already give important results on the journey of the two Lombard teams.

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