Sunday, May 31 2020
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brescia bonansea como15Starting from the two faces that seen today in that of Como: slow and a little 'uncertain in the first half, trabordanti and rapide in the second half. The result is however a 7-1 that does not allow replicas and that gave show. There were goals of a beautiful bill like that of Tarenzi at Del Piero, or that of Bonansea when he discarded the goalkeeper out. Before finding the advantage, however, we had to work hard: first Girelli punishment forced the home goalkeeper to deflection on the crossbar, then Rosucci fails to take advantage of a bad exit by Presutti shooting high. However, Cristiana finds a cross-shot, with an impregnable trajectory, that goes behind the extreme defender of the opponent. The Brescia makes many mistakes in the last 25 / 30 meters and the result remains nailed to the 1-0.

In the second half the music changes, and it's a symphony!

Barbara Bonansea takes advantage of a deep pass by Tatrenzi to overcome, with a touch underneath, the opposing goalkeeper: 2-0 and it's not all over here! Girelli finds the winning touch for the personal double from inside the area, while 4 minutes later is the new entry Boattin, exceptional its impact with the game, to cut on the second pole finding his first joy in white-blue jersey on assist of BB airlines (devastating in the second half). But the Como wakes up, and that awakening! Cama finds a goal from anthology going away from the sole marking and starting a lash on the second pole on which Marchitelli can not do anything. It's just a small break, the lionesses are not yet sated! Bonansea marks another once again face to face with the goalkeeper, overcoming this time in dribbling, two minutes later is Tarenzi to find the great goal with a shot at Del Piero that slips at the intersection of the poles. It is Tarenzi herself who closed the 7-1 scoring festival with a personal double win.

Saturday will be big-match, the second final not to be mistaken to remain glued to Verona leaders, however engaged in Sassari against Torres. After the race, Milena Bertolini said a damned true statement: "We think of ourselves, Verona thinks about Verona ..." So everyone at Club Azzurri next Saturday for Brescia-Mozzanica. Come on Leonesse.

Como 2000: Presutti, Oliviero, Talimi, Ambrosetti, Bertoni, Fusetti, Cama, Cortesi (65 'Sampiero), Mazzola (61' Clerici), Del Vecchio (81 'Galletti), Cannone.
Bench: Pini, Clerici, Troiano, Galletti, Sampiero, Erba.

Women's Brescia: Marchitelli, Nasuti (60 'Boattin), D'Adda, Karlsson, Linari (68' Zizioli), Rosucci, Cernoia, Alborghetti, Tarenzi, Girelli (74 'Sabatino), Bonansea.
Bench: Ceasar, Zanoletti, Prost, Zizioli, Sabatino, Boattin. All.Bertolini

Referee: Mezzalira of Varese

Miscellaneous: Sunny and windy day, synthetic ground in excellent condition.

Result: 1-7

Markers: Girelli (39 ', 60'), Bonansea (51 ', 83'), Boattin (64 '), Tarenzi (84', 86 '), Cama (71').

Nicola Iachelli

Walter Pettinati
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