On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Florence Cuneo15Purple hurricane: thirteenth victory in the championship and the team of Mr. Sauro Fattori returns to take off. It has been shown a purposeful and first-rate Florence that, in a San Marcellino crowded for the twenty-second day of Serie A, got the better of a Piedmontese host training in Tuscany, in a game played openly by both deployments and unblocked in favor of the premises already on the first lap of the clock.
At the 1 'the raptor net of bomber area Rinaldi: cross from the left wing to return Vicchiarello and twist, in turn, the number nine of the lily, with an Ozimo blameless to see the ball settle behind him.
Lived a period of stalemate, noting a weak left of Del Prete and a punishment phone call of Sodini for Matsubayashi, the ACF tries to double, unfortunately without any particular luck, as both the offensive projection of Vicchiarello and that of Adami terminate dams white-red.
At the 42 ', before the double whistle, it is Sodini who wanders towards the purple door, but Guagni is quick to block the road diagonally and to accompany the sphere sideways.
Immediately after the pause the immediate 1-1 guest: white-red verticalization, missing the intervention Binazzi and Sodini's solo race culminates with a left under the legs of Matsubayashi.
Immediately the draw is instant Florentine response: Vicchiarello jumps woman in the area, supports the limit for Rinaldi, who, from flat, places the ball to the right of Ozimo.
Continuing to move forward the premises also touch the triplet of markings. To go near a possible 3-1 is just a Guagni in great shape today, able to head off higher than all but not to find the joker from a few meters.
Detected a framed by Franco, on the crossbar of Sodini from a standstill, is Florence to continue to attack the woods cuneesi, thanks to a Vicchiarello who, tamed a cross in the area, quickly kicks in two times, but finding the iron grip of the number one of coach Petruzzelli.
Between the 74 'and the 78' are the guests to almost scream at the tie, Sodini walled in front of Matsubayashi and ball wandering on the line not pushed over by the same point, and then feel a cold shiver run on his back, triple occasion by Adami, Fusini and Del Prete in a single consequential action, in which Ozimo denies the goal three times with insurmountable patches.
Closing the final 3-1: Guagni stands in the area, does not hold the number one Cuneo and Rinaldi, a true opportunist of the network, marks gently leaning in the door.
Before the stroke of the ninetieth an opportunity at the head of Vicchiarello and the same outside of the purple band could drop the ACF poker, but the score does not change and the Florence welcomes the twenty-second day with three points and a clear victory in front of his public.
At the triple whistle he analyzes the Florentine technician Sauro Fattori:
"We immediately approached the race as we had to do: expressing ourselves at its best and proposing a good dynamic and choral game.
In the second fraction instead, collected the guest mark, we are a bit 'destabilized, and then resume force and close the accounts, perhaps deserving to seal the result with a wider margin.
I must be satisfied: Cuneo is a level team and the situation of unavailable was not exactly the best.
I'm also happy for Rinaldi, who, in addition to being back on goal, scored a hat-trick. "


Twenty-second day of Serie A Championship
FLORENCE TRAINING: Matsubayashi, Ferrati (54 'Venturini), Fusini (80' Experts), Binazzi, Guagni, Corsiani, Adami, Orlandi, Rinaldi, Vicchiarello, Del Prete (83 'Nocchi). Available to the technician S. Fattori: Fedele, Parrini, Borghesi, Razzolini.
CUNEO FORMATION: Ozimo, Rosso, Pittavino, Magnarini (78 'Cobelli), Armitano, Franco, Belfanti (52' Tudisco), Errico, Rosita (66 'Cerato), Sodini, Librandi. Available to the technician G. Petruzzelli: Asteggiano, Fiorese.
AMMONITE: 78 'Del Prete (Florence).

MARCATRICI: 1 ', 54' and 87 'Rinaldi (Florence), 47' Sodini (Cuneo).

REFEREE: Proud Section of Pistoia.

Press Office: Mattia Martini.

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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