On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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tavagnacco centrogol0415

Forward of two goals, Camporese and companions suffer the comeback of Pordenone but, in the final, the captain invents the decisive play. It is the fourth consecutive victory of the Gialloblù.
Tavagnacco to the last breath. The Gialloblu won the derby with the cousins ​​of the Pordenone sponsor in full recovery: Paola Brumana thinks, with a lob, to bend the resistance of the girls of Fabio Toffolo, able to reassemble the double advantage of the landlords.
At 7 'first conclusion of Brumana, which commits Belgrade. At 14 'Parisi loads the right: the conclusion is slightly high. At 19 'is the turn of Tuttino from the distance, but the aim is always wrong. At the 22 'the Pordenone faces: on the left of Sedonati, Copetti's grip is easy. At the 24 'new attempt by Parisi, but the left-handed conclusion is too weak. At half hour, finalment, ele gialloblu unlock: Parisi receives from Brumana and unloads a fantastic right at the intersection. It only takes a minute and, after a melee in the area, Sara Veritti (in his first joy in Serie A) deposits in the back of the net for the doubling. Copetti is then present, at the 37 ', on the right from outside Lotto. Nothing can the yellow-blue goalkeeper, however, a minute later on the precise diagonal of Paroni triggered by De Val. At the 43 'the draw: from the traffic in the area comes a ball that Lotto download on the net. In full recovery Camporese touches the new advantage with a right to turn that rises slightly on the crossbar.
It starts again and, at 9 ', there is a sensational failure from Tavagnacco: punctuation by Parisi for Bissoli, but fails, the impact of the head. All11 ', however, a misfortunate backward of Pochero favors De Val: the lob of the seven guest is not, however, sufficiently calibrated to surprise Copetti. At the 20 ', however, Tuttino raises his aim too much. The home team followed and, two minutes later, Sardu fired a right-footed shot from Belgrade. At the 23'palo outside Camporese on corner of Brumana. Then Lauriola replaces Sara Veritti and Blarzino takes Sardu. At the 45 'Camporese invents, crosses and stamps another wood. It seems over, but at the 46 'Brumana pulls the goal from the top of the cylinder with a lob that surprises Belgrade.


Networks: 30pt Parisi, 31pt Sara Veritti, 38pt Paroni, 43pt Lotto, 46st Brumana

GRAPHISTUDIO: Copetti, Pochero, Cecotti, Tuttino, Bissoli, Sardu (39st Blarzino), Brumana, Parisi, Sara Veritti (24st Lauriola), Zuliani, Camporese. Coach: Sara Di Filippo. Available: Blancuzzi, Martinelli, Federica Veritti, Minutello.

PORDENONE: Belgrade, Perin (9st Laterza), Piazza (45 st Cimarosti), Lotto, Berardo, Piai, De Val, Tommasella, Paroni, Sedonati (31st Blasoni), Manzon. Coach: Fabio Toffolo. Available: Padoan, Dri, Peruch.

REFEREE: Acampora di Schio. Assistants: Cattani and Dorotea di Tolmezzo.

AMMONITE: Perin, Pochero, Laterza.

NOTES: semi-covered sky, ground in good condition, 200 spectators. Corner kicks 10 - 0 for Tavagnacco.

THE OTHER RESULTS: Mozzanica - Orobica 2 - 0, Como - Brescia 1 - 7, Florence - Cuneo 3 - 1, Agsm Verona - Pink Bari 7 - 1, Res Rome - Riviera di Romagna 3 - 0. San Zaccaria - Torres (tomorrow).
CLASSIFICATION: Agsm Verona points 55, Brescia 54, Mozzanica 50, Graphistudio 43, Florence 42, Torres 40 *, Res Rome 31, Riviera di Romagna 28, Cuneo 21, San Zaccaria 20 *, Pink Bari 15, Como 14, Pordenone 13 , Orobica 7. * One match less

Graphistudio Tavagnacco Press Office

Walter Pettinati
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