Tuesday, September 17 2019
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verona victoryVerona.
They face the synthetic of via Sogare Agsm Verona and Pink Bari for the fifth last day of the championship.
Veronese forced to win to keep the head of the standings, Bari desperately seeking points to keep the hope of engaging the play-out zone on.
Formations reworked by both sides: Longega must renounce the injured Salvai and Maendly, the disqualified Di Criscio, and bomber Patrizia Panico struck in the night by a serious family loss. The Pugliese coach Cardone can not have the disqualified Di Bari and Spelic.
The first opportunity for the Gialloblù comes after seven minutes with the gullet of Captain Gabbiadini that ends with nothing to the side.
Still dangerous Melania Gabbiadini that from two steps goes to divert the cross of Sipos with a ball out of little.

The Veronese monologue continues until the 19 'when in the melee the gialloblù try in every way but the final conclusion of Gabbiadini is walled a few steps from the goal line.
Shortly after Tatiana Bonetti does not frame the door unguarded after an exit of the number one Bari.
The network of the deserved Verona lead comes to the 28 ': cross of Bonetti from the left for the perfect framed by Melania Gabbiadini that leaves no way out to Rizzi.
Ball in the center and on the next action the Gialloblù come to the doubling: Martina Gelmetti receives from Ramera and with a right-footed turn grasps the inside of the crossbar with ball that falls into the net.
With the Bari defense very high, Marta Carissimi starts from three quarters in suspected out of the game, she flew alone towards the opposing area and left the innocent Rizzi.
The first fraction ends with a reassuring three to zero of the Veronese who put the match in safe despite the many absences.
In the interval Mr. Longega replaces Tatiana Bonetti, in suspicion, with the young Carlotta Baldo.
Verona immediately close to the fourth mark with Ramera receiving the assist of Sipos but kicks to the side.
Paratissima of Rizzi with his foot on the conclusion to a sure blow Gelmetti well imbeccata by Gabbiadini.
The Scottish Clelland launched deep finds a defense yellowblù distracted and puts on the net the ball of three to one.
The Verona immediately pours forward and becomes dangerous with the header of Sipos that collects the cross strained Carissimi, but sends the ball over the crossbar.
Martina Gelmetti with a header from close range catches the post. 'And the prelude to the fourth network of Verona thanks to the double of Captain Gabbiadini who collects the assist in depth of Gelmetti and all alone beats Rizzi. Goal number seventeen in the league for the number eight Scala.
Verona spreads with the personal double of Marta Carissimi who places a terrifying edge on the door on the ball crossed by Sipos and prolonged by Gabbiadini.
It only takes a minute and the gialloblù make up the net number six: Sipos penetrates from the left and places a blow on the second post.
Before the conclusion comes the seventh scaligera marking with Martina Gelmetti who collects the assist of Fuselli and displaces the goalkeeper for seven to one final.
The Agsm Verona with a goleada forgets the bitterness of recent weeks, keeps the head of the standings, and prepares well in the best way for the difficult transfer scheduled next Saturday on the field of Torres.


Networks: Pt. 28 'Gabbiadini, 30' Gelmetti, 40 'Dear, st. 17 'Clelland, 25' Gabbiadini, 32 'Dear, 33' Sipos, 42 'Gelmetti
Agsm Verona: Ohrstrom (35 'St. Toniolo), Squato, Ledri, Carissimi, Marconi, Fuselli, Bonetti (1' St Baldo), Gabbiadini (40 'St Zangari), Gelmetti, Ramera, Sipos.
Available: Toniolo, Zangari, Pavana, Baldo.
Coach: Renato Longega.

Pink Bari: Rizzi, Moore, Akherraze, Anaclerio, Trotta, Dell'Ernia (40 'st., Strisciuglio (8' st. Pinto), Vitanza, Olivieri (5 'St Rogation), Ceci, Clelland.
Available: Pinto, Rogazione, Paolillo, Miranda, Conte.
Coach: Isabella Cardone.
Referee: Simone Biffi di Treviglio.
Assistants: Meneghello and Tosi.

Notes: Artificial grass field, sunny day. Spectators about 300. Ammonite Strisciuglio, Trotta, Marconi, Vitanza. 0 + 3 recovery.

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