Tuesday, September 17 2019
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riviera cristina ugolini0415ROME - Restart on the wrong foot the Riviera di Romagna, defeated by Res Rome in the ninth of the return series A (3-0): start thrilling for the formation yellow-red-blue, forced to chase after only one minute for the network scored by Villani, who took advantage of a free kick from the left side of Ciccotti and with a precise header in the net the 1-0 (1 '); ready the reaction of the Romagnole with a cross from the left of Cristina Cassanelli for the head of Patty Caccamo, ball parade by Pipitone (5 '). On the other side still yellow-red dangerous first with a right-wing Pirone from a secluded position that ended at the bottom (8 ') and shortly after with Palombi who stood face to face with Silvia Vicenzi and shot at the net, finding the rejected number one from Romagna (9 ').

The girls of Enrico Buonocore still tried with Patty Caccamo from a tight angle, with the ball that went out on the bottom (13 '), while on the other front were the landlords to sign the doubling with Simonetti who collected a cross from the right , took aim and inserted the ball to the far corner for the 2-0 (21 '); immediate reaction of the Ravenna with the cross from the right of Patty Caccamo rejected with a hand by a local defender: penalty for the Romagnole, but from the disk Eleonora Petralia was not precise and sent the ball on the bottom (23 '). On the other side still dangerous Roman with Palombi that sent to the side by favorable position (26 '), while the yellow-red-blue touched the goal with Giulia Baldini who pounced on a loose ball on a corner action and shot right , with the sphere out of little (31 '); before the rest, however, were the girls of Melillo to close the accounts with Palombi, who retrieved a sphere wandering about three quarters and from the limit left a precise conclusion that was inserted into the far corner for the 3-0 (36 ') . At the start of recovery the Romagnole tried with an action on the left of Patty Caccamo, which centered for Giulia Baldini, right-footed confident, deflected in the corner by a defender (2'st), while on the other side was Ciccotti to try with a conclusion from outside the area, parade by Silvia Vicenzi (5'st); still dangerous Romans shortly afterwards with a lob from Pirone, high (11'st), while the Ravenna people tried with a framed by Cristina Ugolini who went off just above the crossbar (12'st). Other emotions of the yellow-red brand in the second part of the second half, both signed by Pirone: first with a restart from the right side and conclusion from a defiled position and a sphere that was printed on the crossbar (25'st) Simonetti's right hand, which served back for the oncoming Pirone, which on the right was sent to the side (31'st).

Res Rome 3
Riviera of Romagna 0

RES ROME: Pipitone, Colini, Cunsolo (37'st Di Giammarino), Fracassi, Villani, Morra, Gambarotta, Simonetti (45'st Cela), Palombi (26'st Nicosia), Ciccotti, Pirone. Available: Caporro, Coluccini, Labate, Ceccarelli. All. Melillo.

RIVIERA DI ROMAGNA: Vicenzi, Petralia, Cassanelli, Erman, Ugolini, Petrovic (32'st Canini), Baldini, Eusebio, Caccamo, Pastore, Pugnali. A disp .: Tasselli. All. Buonocore.
REFEREE: Iacovacci di Latina. Assistants: De Lellis of Albano Laziale (RM) and Ferrentino di Ostia Lido (RM).
NETWORKS: 1 'Villani, 21' Simonetti, 36 'Palombi.

Davide Tognacci
press officer of the Riviera di Romagna women's soccer

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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