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Cuneo - Orobica

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He wanted the victory strongly and this came. The Cuneo Calcio Femminile liquid the practice Soul and Body Orobica already in the first forty-five minutes and by virtue of the missteps of San Zaccaria and Pink Sport Time Bari overrides both in the standings and settles in full play out area.
Theater of the second home win of the season was again the turf of the Fratelli Paschiero Stadium which, despite the snow and rain that fell during the week, held up well allowing the smooth running of the meeting.
Still out of Belfanti, will easily return to Cuneo next week and the bomber Sodini, the list of injured is added to Fish, badly beaten by the match last Saturday against Torres. The three red and white will return to the coach Gian Luca Petruzzelli, in view of the clash with the Pink Sport Time Bari.
Returning to the race, the scorching start of the red and white, took to the field with the unprecedented gold-colored uniform that at 8 'already go ahead: millimetric throw of Errico for Papaleo, the attacker flies towards the door and is stretched out by Zamboni. Without any hesitation, the referee warns the defender from Bergamo and decrees the penalty. Herreros Ossorio appears from the spot, the Spanish is ruthless in the cold Salvi.
The landlords continue to push and the 16 'touch the doubling with Librandi that misses a ball the ball on Papaleo, able to get rid of his direct opponent and cross in the area.
A minute later is the Soul and Body Orobic to be seen from the parts of Asteggiano with a conclusion of Riva, away from the mirror of the door.
The biancorosse maneuver well in midfield with Franco, an authentic dam well supported by Errico, while Tudisco and Librandi try to make the most of the spaces conceded by the opponents.
Only at half an hour the girls of Petruzzelli take a risk: a sharp punishment by Lacchini, on which no partner intervenes and Asteggiano lets the ball take off the field.
After the fright the Cuneo starts again in the saddle and goes under with a shot of Errico (34 ') and with the unleashed Papaleo that commits Salvi (36') and one minute later, taken again in speed is still the best guest concierge's answer (37 ').
And 'the prelude to the goal, yet another gallop of Librandi on the right wing with the Ligurian stopped foully. Tudisco takes charge of the punishment, the former Turin calls the scheme and perfectly serves Errico kicking the net by mocking the property Salvi (42 ').
It is not over yet, remake of the previous action with Librandi back to the ground, a punishment still kicked by Tudisco and this time it is Herreros Ossorio to be ready on the ball overhead by Armitano (45 '). You go to the interval on the result set on the 3-0.
The recovery opens with the Bergamo immediately ahead, the red and white are good guard and after the attempt of Lacchini (51 ') and two corners were not successful is Librandi to conclude on the side (58').
Petruzzelli inserts fresh forces, it is up to Cobelli to replace the excellent Tudisco (59 '), while Giraudo replaces the match winner Herreros Ossorio (69').
Magnarini and his companions loosen the pace a little giving the opponents the field, decidedly dangerous on three occasions with Merli L., on whose path the careful Asteggiano (74 ', 80' and 83 ') is always prepared.
The coach from Cuneese makes Papaleo catch his breath and throws himself into the Cerato fray, the girls of Marini continue to attack and after the cross hit by Zamboni, at the end of the time they find the flag goal with Merli L. (90 ').
In the four minutes of recovery is still noted a shot of Asperti (92 '), then expect the triple whistle.
"I'm happy for the victory and for my first goals in Serie A - declared in the post match, the Spanish Rosita Herreros Ossorio - we absolutely had to bring home the three points and we succeeded. I'm satisfied half my performance, I'm setting the Italian league, harder than the Finnish, I can still improve and I will try to do it. Wedge? It 'sa beautiful city, I'm very well, I'm happy with the choice made, my companions are beautiful, the coach is very prepared and the company is always close to me. "
Saturday transferred to Veneto for the girls of Gian Luca Petruzzelli against the second in the class, Agsm Verona.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Asteggiano, Rosso, Pittavino, Magnarini, Armitano, Franco, Librandi, 'Giraudo) Errico, Papaleo (77' Papaleo), Herreros Ossario (69 '), Tudisco (59' Cobelli). Available: Ozimo, Sordello. Coach: Gian Luca Petruzzelli

Soul and Orobic Body: Salvi, Riva, Poeta, Asperti, Coffetti, Merli L., Zamboni, Fodri, Lacchini (67 'Merli C.), Peaks, Barcelia (50' Vavassori). Available: Benigni, Bianchi, Tardio, Paginoni, Massussi. Coach: Marianna Marini


The derby between the Cuneo Calcio Femminile and the Musiello Saluzzo has not been disputed due to impracticability of the field, quite predictable, given the snow and rain that fell in recent weeks. A trip in vain in the "marquisate" for the girls of Diego Giraudo who now await the date of recovery.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

In the photographs of FABIO FAZZARI AND MARA RAMELLA: Rosita Herreros Ossorio and Emma Errico


Enrico Manassero
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