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puntosulcampionato1415On today's championship the top five ranked teams win all their matches, further outlining the split already existing between the high and the low ranking, leaving in the central area three teams like Tavagnacco, Res Roma and Riviera of Romagna that, from a few days, are struggling to keep up the pace more and more imposed imposed by the former, not forgetting to also take a look at the bottom of the ranking, because, with the six reloads planned this year by the current legislation, we widens the circle of the teams involved, even if, for now, the "red zone" includes the last six teams, from Cuneo (p.15) to the Orobica (p.9), for them every game will be vital to avoid the immediate relegation in B! In the week the AGSM Verona, in the championship recovery, has overtaken the Como, with the net result of 0-7! Florence -Pink Sport Time will play the next 24 / 2, while the 17 March will be held meetings between the Mozzanica and San Zaccaria and Riviera di Romagna - Brescia.
Four victories for home teams, three external ones, five doubles by Sipos (AGSM Verona) - Giacinti and Iannella (Mozzanica) - Bonansea (Brescia) and Maria Herros Ossorio for Cuneo.
There have not been many problems for the current AGSM Verona headline in overcoming the Res Rome which suffered, for almost the whole meeting, the initiative of the team of Longega, immediately started with the right attitude pressing the opponents and going ahead at 18 'with a goal of excellent workmanship of Patrizia Panico, received a perfect assist by Ramera, let go an unstoppable shot even for the talented Pipitone! After complaining about the lack of a penalty, following a knockdown in the Gabbiadini area, Verona approaches the doubling with two conclusions: one by Gabbiadini, with the red yellow goalkeeper's parade and the other by Panico at the side of little. The recovery reserves the same script of the first part of the race, with Verona forward and the Res on the defensive that relies on the restarting, however, well controlled by Verona players. After missing some opportunities with Bonetti, Ledri and Panico, he went to the chair at 61 'Sipos, which finalizes on the net a beautiful choral action of the whole yellow-blue attack. After a Romanist conclusion by Nainggolan, finished high above the crossbar, and a yellow blue by Bonetti, next to very little, at the XNXX 'the third goal still arrives with Sipos, who is good at intercepting a nice cross from Carissimi passing Pipitone outgoing.

Eighth consecutive victory for the Brescian champions who today collect three well-deserved points against Tavagnacco who, at least in the first part of the race, held up the field very well, however, yielding heavily in the second part of the race under the pressure of Bertolini's girls. There were not many, to be sure, the dangerous conclusions for the two formations in the field until the 40 'when, Sabatino received ball from Rosucci sails to the Friuli area and with a nice touch below it overcomes Copetti. The recovery begins immediately well for the swallows and Bonansea, received ball from Tarenzi, face to face with Copetti does not fail to double. The Tavagnacco then reacts and Brumana first and then Sardu have two opportunities to reopen the meeting. But Brescia resumed the right gear and at the 68 'tripled again with Bonansea, which overcomes Copetti with a precise lob. At 80 'comes the poker served by Girelli exploiting a serious collective error of the host defense! It does not make the defeat of Friuli any less bitter in the final minutes even the Ceccotti network!

After taking seven goals in the recovery in the week against Verona, Como takes another six from the Mozzanica! On a synthetic field made heavy by the rain, the Larian team, went within seven minutes just below two goals, the first by Mauri (1 '), with a splendid shot from the edge that ends in the left corner of Piazza, while the second is the prerogative of Giacinti, who overcomes the extreme defender Como with a conclusion from the edge: the ball touches the inside crossbar and ends on the net! The game is constantly in the hands of Nazzarena Grilli and the result is not weighed down even more for Como, thanks to three decisive parades of the young Piazza! At 32, however, the extreme Lario defender can not do anything about a Iannella volley that slips under the crossbar!

All easy for the Mozzanica that has absolute control of the game and Gritti has only the task of "assist" inactive at the work of the companions!
In the second half, the Como is presented with a more offensive set-up and tries to bring some dangerous action in the opposing area which however does not suffer too much and when it is carried forward it is always dangerous. At 57 'Iannella "doubles" his day goals with a strong shot within the area that Piazza can not intercept!
The goalkeeper Lariano after avoiding at least two more goals, suffers the goal of Giacinti that puts the ball into the net with a nice diagonal just within the area.
The first five networks of the Mozzanica are excellent, but what about the sixth ...: Deer, 95 class, took over from Scarpellini at 70 ', received a three-quarter pitch, "elegantly avoids" (sombrero ...) the first opponent, in narrow dribbling the second, with a tunnel the third and surpasses Piazza with surgical precision! Goal to applause ... .Okay there is not a movie to show!

The Florence, successfully resumed the march, after the defeat with the Mozzanica overcoming, the San Zaccaria for 2-1, suffering in the final part of the race also due to the expulsion of Venturini.
Beautiful performance of purple girls who have always led the race at a good pace, also creating several opportunities to take the lead (Rodella twice, Guagni and Orlandi) in the first half of the game without reaching the goal.
The recovery opens with a beautiful parade of Bonaventura on a fine shot by Rinaldi, and a free-kick for San Zaccaria di Longato, out of shortly. At the 68 'the first Tuscan network arrives: launch of Venturini for Adami, fatal defensive error and Bonaventura is beaten. Two minutes after the purple doubling is thanks to Rinaldi who puts on a precise assist by Del Prete. Two deadly KOs for the San Zaccaria that galvanizes even more the Florence that, soon after, hits a pole with Ferrati and forces Bonaventura to a decisive parade at the end of Guagni. After the expulsion of Venturini, arrives at the 83 'the beautiful network of Pondini that reopens the games ...: the San Zaccaria believes in the final minutes and could even draw when Fratini, face to face with Matsubayaschi, can not conclude in network!

Beautiful and significant victory of Torres in the land of Romagna, which immediately puts the local defense in apprehension with a euro goal from Flaviano, who sends the ball from the edge to the top corner of Vicenzi's door!
Torres holds the reins of the match and Vicenzi must engage in different circumstances to avoid doubling the conclusions of Marchese and Pinna already in the first part of the race. At the 52 'comes the network of the most dangerous striker red blue, Marchese: corner intercepted by Piacezzi, rejected by Vicenzi but nothing can do on the rebound in the network of Marquis. The reaction of the Riviera di Romagna is slow to come ... and Torres has complete control of the situation that is realized at 81 'with the network of Capitan Tona who, having moved forward, exceeds Vicenzi with a strong right-footer; still Tona in the final could make poker for his team with a header of very little high. In the other area instead is Caccamo who warms his hands to Fazio (47 '), with a strong left to fly.

I do not have the news of the two meetings remaining Cuneo-Orobica ended with the victory of the Piedmont team for 3-1 with networks of Herros Ossorio at 8 ', Errico at 40' and Herros Ossorio at 48 '. The Orobica network has arrived at the 90 'by Merli.
Pordenone -Pink Sport -Time Bari ended 1-0 for the home team with Lotto net at the 5 minute of play.

The next round of the season presents these matches: AGSM Verona-Cuneo, Tavagnacco -Florence, Torres-Orobica, Como-Res Rome, Mozzanica -Pordenone, San Zaccaria-Riviera di Romagna, Pink Sport Time Bari- Brescia.

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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