June 11, 2015
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The Cuneo holds head eighty minutes to the Italian champions of Brescia, but in the final the white-blue lioness scored the winning paw and, thanks to the contemporary draw of Verona with the Florence, they again moved to the top of the standings.

Turn over in the ranks of Cuneo, with Ozimo in the lead instead of Asteggiano and Giraudo owner in midfield from the first minute.

The Brescia has started immediately to press and counts two occasions with Sabatino and Costi, good the test of Ozimo always well placed. For the cuneesi is the bomber Sodini that alone in front of Marchitelli has a moment of hesitation and fails an easy goal. The Cuneo with an 4-1-4-1 is well placed in the field and does not give much to the landlords, apart from a final shot by Roberta D'Adda that touches the crossbar.
In the second half Brescia immediately dangerous with Tarenzi, whose shot hits the crossbar. Ozimo is good at deflecting a strong shot from Bonansea, but nothing can 82 ', when Cernoia takes a free kick, on which comes Sabatino who puts the ball on the net. At the 9O 'finally comes the network of Cernoia, which enshrines the definitive 2-0.
Another defeat then in the last minute for the Cuneo, which prove to be able to compete with the biggest but then little determined and above all lucky in the final minutes.

However, there is still a long way to go and there is plenty of time to recover in the standings, perhaps hoping to go to points already next Saturday, when Tavagnacco di Udine will arrive at the Fratelli Paschiero stadium in Cuneo.

Brescia: Marchitelli, Nasuti, D'Adda, Karlsson, Linari (27st Alborghetti), Rosucci, Bonansea, Tarenzi, Sabatino, Girelli, Costi (45 'Cernoia). Bench: Ceasar, Serturini, Zizioli, Piovani, Martani. All.Bertolini

Cuneo: Ozimo, Librandi, Pittavino, Magnarini, Armitano, Franco, Giraudo (38'st Cerato), Errico, Pesce (9'st Cobelli), Sodini, Herreros Ossario (27'st Papaleo). Bench: Asteggiano, Rosso, Tudisco, Minopoli. All.Petruzzelli

Referee: Paggiola di Legnago

Markers: Sabatino (37s), Cernoia (44s)
Ammonite: Librandi, Rosucci, Papaleo
Spectators: about 250

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Enrico Manassero
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