Friday, November 15 2019
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Two goals are not enough for the bomber Simona Sodini (who arrived at 10 seasonal centers) at Cuneo to round off the first leg. A Graphistudio Pordenone, arrived in Cuneo as the last in the standings, has unleashed a whole heart performance and, at the end of the 90 minutes,

was imposed for 3-2, also because of a penalty assigned by the referee to the Friuli perhaps a bit 'too generously.
The summary of the Parco della Gioventù is confirmed as a difficult field for the Cuneo area, which show that they are playing better on grass pitches (but Paschiero was unavailable because the day after he played the male Cuneo).
But the match was good for the Cuneo, who ten minutes from the end of the first fraction went ahead: the Spanish debutante Rosita Herreros served an inviting ball in the center area for Sodini, who lobed the goalkeeper with a lob on the fly.
In the second half Cuneo went down less bright and a free kick on the left by the guests was deflected in the head by De Val 1 to 1.

The Pordenone doubled with a great downhill on the right wing on the right wing, passing low at the level of the spot and a ball thrown into the net by Tommasselli who signed the 2 at 1. Mr. Petruzzelli tried everything for everything, inserting the attackers Papaleo, Cerato and Cobelli; in the final minutes there are still so many emotions: rigor for the guests that Paroni realized, then Sodini shortened the distances by restoring hopes to the red and white. In the recovery still the attempt of the red and white 10 number on a free-kick from the edge, but the ball crashed on the barrier.
A heavy 3-2, which allows the Pordenone to leave the last place in the standings, while the Cuneo remain always paired in the fifth last place with the San Zaccaria, in a play out position.
"We close the first round with a bit of regret, after the last good performances - says the president of Cuneo Eva Callipo - We must immediately turn the page; we face the return with a little more experience and we will try to bring home more points than the first leg to bring us as high as possible in the standings, then waiting for the Federation's final decision on the number of relegations. Saturday will immediately begin the second round with the prohibitive commitment against the Italian champions of Brescia, it is certainly not with these teams that we have to make points, but we will try to play our game, then waiting for the week after Tavagnacco at home ".

CUNEO: Asteggiano, Rosso (44 'st Cobelli), Pittavino, Magnarini, Armitano, Franco, Librandi (31' st Cerato), Errico, Pesce (20 'st Papaleo), Sodini, Ossorio Herreros. To avail. Ozimo, Fiorese, Tudisco, Giraudo. Petruzzelli All.

PORDENONE: Ferin, De Val, Mella, Lotto, Perin, Schiavo, Paroni, Tommassella, Zandomenichi, Piai (49 'st Manzon), Blasons (12' st Piazza). To avail. Nicola, Cimarosti. Alloffice Toffoli.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

In the photo above: Carola Librandi

In the photo below: Rosita Ossorio Herreros and Simona Sodini

rosita and sodini

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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