Thursday, January 12th
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The Veneto team, thanks to the network of Francisca Yeboaa beat Bologna for 1-0.

Capezzano Pianore (LU) - The Hellas led by mister Castagni beats Bologna for 1-0 thanks to the Yeboaa network signed at 16 'of the first half.
Hellas Monteforte is champion of Italy. The formation of Veneto led by Mr. Castagni beats Bologna for 1-0 thanks to the Yeboaa network signed at 16 'of the first half. The curse of the finals for Daniela Tavalazzi's rossoblu continues. The race starts with a copious phase of study that lasts for at least 10 minutes. The first real high pitched the Venetian with Yeboaa that from a good position, rather than close to the net of first intention, try to adjust the ball, allowing the opposing goalkeeper to resume the position and hook the ball. The number 11 Veneto, fresh champion of Italy with the regional representative, refers to the 16 'taking the lead Hellas Monteforte with a fine shot that slips behind Armaroli. Bologna responds to 26 'with Gargan that ends on the net but Frigotto is opposed to the body. The recovery opens up lively.

At the 13 'Yeboaa from the flag brushes a ball for the head of Gengia: excellent coordination, but Armaroli is opposed. Bologna tries to force the blockade of the Hellas Monteforte but the Venetian resist and become dangerous with the usual Yeboaa and with the conclusions of Bruzzo and Fattori. Moments of fear in the final with Bamba who loses consciousness after a fight and goes out on a stretcher. Helped by the health professionals, the girl is in good condition.

Alessandra Signorile, coordinator of the Women's Football Department and Sonia Pessotto, member of the board, representing the National Amateur League, have honored the athletes with the well-deserved trophies and medals. The CAI designator for women's football Katia Senesi and the councilor for sport of the Camaiore municipality Carlo Alberto Carrai also took part in the awards ceremony.



Bologna FC: Armaroli (from 1'st Lauria), Cattaneo, Rapisarda, Larocca, Simone, Minelli (from 29'st Facchini), Tramontano (from 1'st Ghelfi), Marcanti, Gargan, Antolini, Passariello (from 21'st Now); at disp. Pacella, Mirolla, Currency; All. Tavalazzi

Pro Hellas Monteforte: Frigotto, Faccio, Gengia, Bamba (from 43'st Casotto), Dasia, Kastrati, Fattori, Garzetta (from 29'st Fiorini), Bruzzo, Ferrari, Yeboaa; at disp. Conti G., Conti A., Ferroli, Mirandola, Martin; All. Castagni

Referee: Federico Melillo from Pontedera
Networks: 16'pt Yeboaa
Notes: Rapisarda ammonites (B), 4-5 corners, 1'pt recovery and 5'st.

2015 Pro Hellas Monteforte, 2014 Vicenza, 2013 Rome, 2012 Jesina

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