Thursday, January 12th
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The Giallorosse beat Florence on penalties.
Capezzano Pianore (LU) - Match for strong hearts that between Florence and Res Rome, decided on penalties.
First half closed by viola in double advantage with the Cinotti and Cosi networks.
Shooting of the Giallorossi brand with captain Palombi in the chair: the number 10 of Res Roma first shortens the distance and then finds the equalizer. From the spot the Roman are impeccable, while the violets are scored with only Ferrara.

The comparison slips away pleasant from the first minutes, with a marked supremacy of Res Roma in possession of the ball. The two formations face each other with determination. At half an hour Fedele denies the goal to the captain of the palombi ressine. Touched the advantage for the Giallorossi arrives the goal of the viola that at 34 'go ahead with a diagonal of Cinotti kicked from the edge of the area. At the 42 'Florence doubles thanks to Cosi's winning winner.

The recovery opens with a Res battagliaera Rome that at the end of a quarter of an hour shortens the distance with the excellent Palombi. Match reopened and the race ignites. The Giallorossi continue in pressure but Florence does not hesitate to make itself dangerous. Half an hour Borghesi is denied the goal for the prompt closure of the Roman rearguard. But at the 34 'is still the Palombi to drag the Res Rome: another number of prestige and the formation of Piras reaches a draw. A result that leads the two teams, aggressive until the last moment, the lottery penalty shootout.

The Giallorossi are not wrong from the spot. Florence goes to sign with only Ferrara.


Florence: Fedele, Cosi, Fusini, Experts, Tortelli, Ferrara, Domi (from 24'st Gnisci), Grundmann, Nocchi, Cinotti (from 22'st Borghesi), Vigilucci; at disp. Cona, Bonaiuti, Lotti, Pompignoli, Tamburini; All. Cioni-Pratese

Res Rome: Caporro, Sclavo, Cunsolo, Greggi, Cela, Tumbarello (from 11'st Chiappa), Spagnoli, Simonetti, Labate, Palombi, Di Gianmarino; at disp. Liberati, Natali, Lapenna, Chahid, Pezzola; All. Piras

Referee: Alex Feraudo of Chiavari

Networks: 34'st Gnotti (F), 42'pt Cosi (F), 16'st and 34'st Palombi (R)

Notes: ammonites Ferrara (F), Palombi, Spagnoli (R), corners 3-1. Sequence penalty kicks: Di Gianmarino (R) goals, Borghesi (F) out, Labate (R) goals, Ferrara (F) goals, Simonetti (R) goals, Nocchi (F) out, Palombi (R) goals

2015 Res Rome 2014 Grifo Perugia, 2013 Florence, 2012 Turin, 2011 Turin, 2010 Rome, 2009 Atalanta, 2008 Atalanta, 2007 Turin, 2006 Turin, 2005 Milan, 2004 Milan, 2003 Fiammamonza, 2002 Foroni Verona, 2001 Lazio, 2000 Bardolino Vr

Alessandra Signorile, coordinator of the Women's Football Department and Sonia Pessotto, member of the board, representing the National Amateur League, have honored the athletes with the well-deserved trophies and medals. The CAI designator for women's football Katia Senesi and the councilor for sport of the Camaiore municipality Carlo Alberto Carrai also took part in the awards ceremony.

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