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Four goals and a great performance, in front of a large and numerous public, allow Res Roma to eliminate Napoli and access the final championship of the Primavera championship, where the Giallorossi will face Florence, which has taken the Brescia field.
Mister Piras has to do without Tumbarello and Pittaccio, and sends from the first minute Caporro between the poles, Sclavo, Cunsolo, Cela and Spagnoli in defense, Greggi, Simonetti, Caruso and Di Giammarino in midfield, with Palombi and Labate in attack .
In the first quarter of an hour the two teams face each other especially in midfield and the first goal action happens to the guests who engage Caporro with a shot from the distance of Tagliaferri; Res Rome responds with Palombi whose conclusion is deflected by Parnolfi in the corner.
With the passing of the minutes the Giallorossi become master of the field and collect scoring action: at the twenty-fifth Caruso hits the intersection of the poles and on the riveted net of Di Giammarino, Parnolfi sends in corner. Three minutes later Simonetti launches Palombi but Parnolfi intercepts with his feet and saves the result.

At the 32nd the goal of a well-deserved advantage: Greggi's free-kick and Labate's winning header that signed the one to zero; Napoli's response is all in a shot from the distance of Tagliaferri saved by Caporro. In the final minutes is Parnolfi-show: the extreme Neapolitan defender performs three major interventions, two on Palombi and one on Labate.
In the second half the script does not change and Res Rome spreads: at the thirteenth Simonetti puts in the center for Labate that hits the crossbar in full, on the riveted Palombi is more the summer of the whole and signs the 2 0.
In the quarter of an hour the trio: launch of the usual Simonetti for Labate, which speedily surpasses an opponent and signs the 3 to 0. Another two minutes and Labate still goes in goal: Simonetti serves Di Giammarino with a delicious touch puts in the middle for Labate who signs the Giallorossi poker and scored his own hat-trick.
In the last half hour waltz of changes and scoring opportunities without other goals: at the triple whistle the Giallorossi cheer, who will play next the scudetto against Florence, in the splendid setting of Lido di Camaiore.
Roberto Piras: "We played another great race, where we have created countless scoring opportunities, congratulations to Napoli for having struggled on every ball, and their goalkeeper for being the best on the pitch. on the final: Florence is a great team, and to win we'll have to play the perfect match. "

The final will be played on Friday '12 June at the "Le Pianore" in Capezzano Pianore (Lido di Camaiore - LU), at 18.

Marking machines: 32 ° - 60 ° - 62 ° Labate - 58 ° Palombi

Res Rome: Caporro, Sclavo (74 ° Chaid), Cunsolo (60 ° Liberati), Greggi, Cela, Caruso (37 ° Lapenna), Spagnoli, Simonetti, Labate (76 ° Natali), Palombi (68 ° Chiappa), Di Giammarino . Available: De Stefano, Pezzola. All .: R.Piras

Naples: Parnolfi, Sabatino, Giuliano, Cuciniello, Musella, Asta, Massa, Aresu, Ascolese (51 ° Lanzetta), Moraca, Tagliaferri. A disp .: Costagliola, Longobardo, Vecchione,, Criscuolo, Pezzella, Arcuro. All .: N.Catalano

Ammonita: Palombi (RR) - Moraca (N)

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