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brescia primavera0515
Brescia is defeated by San Marcellino of Florence for 4 to 2 and now will have to give all of himself in the return challenge, next Sunday in Paratico.
Yet the game had started with the right look, already after a few seconds a cross struck by Mele, then two chills by Borghesi and Razzolini but at the 6 'came the goal of Serturini, good to exploit the launch of Contessi, skip the goalkeeper and address in the door. The advantage, however, does not last long because only two minutes later the Florence reaches a draw with Razzolini who resolves a melee in the area. The Brescia is shown at 10 'with a conclusion from the edge of the Serturini area but Florence is the best game. At the 32 'purple doubles: defensive inattention, Nocchi took advantage of recovering the ball, enters the area and kicks to the far post.
At the 35 'Brescia recriminates for a doubtful foul on Martani in the penalty area but to find the goal is still the Florence with Razzolini that from impossible position kicked in goal, the ball slams first on the inside crossbar and then enters the door.

The recovery begins differently, with Brescia attacking higher and trying to make the game. After two good opportunities signed by Serturini and Piovani, the Brescia shortens the gap with Mele who from the 25 meters finds a great conclusion that slips into the seven without leaving any escape to Fedele. The goal is deserved and Brescia seems to be able to find even the draw but after a few minutes of siege, the game back in balance. At the 74 'purple violates Meleddu gloves good to oppose a conclusion from the distance but at the 78', always with a conclusion from outside, Meleddu must surrender to Domi's shot.
The Brescia believes it but the last chance is a purple sign with Razzolini who commits Meleddu on a diagonal conclusion.
The whiteazzurre remedy a defeat, but nothing is compromised because two goals away are important and above all because the lionesses will play in their lair of Paratico and will certainly present with sharp claws to face the return.


FLORENCE: Fedele, Cosi, Fusini, Experts, Tortelli, Ferrara (34 'Gnisci), Domi, Borghesi (68' Cinotti), Razzolini, Nocchi (86 'Bonaiutti), Vigilucci. Available: Cona, Bonaiutti, Cinotti, Cosi, Gnisci, Grundmann, Pompignoli
Coach: Cioni

BRESCIA: Meleddu, Inverardi (84 'Sgarbi), Welbek, Ghisi, Zamarra, Contessi (45' Guerini), Serturini, Plebani (Zanetti 24 '), Piovani (73' Cacciamali), Martani, Mele (89 'Pedemonti). Available: Bettineschi, Zanetti, Milesi, Pedemonti, Guerini, Sgarbi, Cacciamali
Coach: Gold

REFEREE: Fiero di Pistoia
ASSISTANTS: Ricci and Marchetti of Pistoia

Razzolini (F), Guerini (B)

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