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The Giallorossi of Mr. Piras storm Verona and enter in the Semifinal, where they will face Naples.
With a goal in time, the Roma Roma defeat the field of Verona and access the semifinals of the national championship Primavera, finishing first and full points, the group 3 valid for the quarterfinals. The Giallorossi play a good kick and put in check the listed opponents, at the end of a match well played by both parties.
Mister Piras must renounce Pittaccio alone and sends Caporro between the poles, Sclavo, Cunsolo, Cela and Caruso in defense, Di Giammarino, Greggi, Simonetti and Spagnoli in midfield, with Palombi and Labate in attack.
The first minutes of the game are in favor of the landlords who try to wedge in the Giallorossi rearguard on several occasions, but never call Caporro in the parade; the guests start to grind the game from the tenth minute and immediately become dangerous with Spagnoli, whose shot ends slightly high. A minute later Palombi lost the moment for the conclusion to the net a few steps from Toniolo, while the twelfth is still Spagnoli to kick on goal without luck.

At the quarter of an hour the Giallorossi advantage: a millimetric throw of Cunsolo for Labate who enters the area and right-footed the goal of one to zero. Verona tries to react but does not go beyond a free kick by Gelmetti that ends out.
The Res Rome is more 'perky and only a miracle of Toniolo prevents the twenty-fifth to Palombi to seal the doubling; the duel Palombi-Toniolo repeats itself three minutes later but the Veronese defender is once again able to deflect the ball into a korner. Before the double whistle Labate from the limit still commits the goalkeeper Scaliger that this time blocks without worries.
In the second half the script does not change, with the Giallorossi seeking the goal of tranquility: the fifth Labate sends high from the disk, while two minutes after Palombi serves a gold assist to Simonetti who pretend the left shot and with the right sends the ball at the intersection, signing the goal that is worth the 2 0 for the capitoline. Gelmetti tries to bring the landlord back into the race on a free kick, finished just wide, and then creating panic in the Giallorossi rearguard, but the result does not change.
The Res Rome lowers the rhythms of the match and the race decreases intensity: the half hour is still Gelmetti to try from the distance, while two minutes after a timely release of Caporro prevents the new entry Zorzi to put the ball into the net. At the thirty-fifth Labate hits the intersection of the poles on Simonetti assists, while at the minute forty it is Caruso to once again engage Toniolo.
In full recovery Gelmetti signed the goal of the flag for the landlords but now there is no more 'time for the comeback: the triple whistle exult the Roman who gain access to the semifinals Scudetto, in which they will face the Naples, and the pass for participation in the next Arco di Trento tournament, one of the most prestigious youth football events.
At the end of the race Roberto Piras, a technical champion: "A masterpiece match! Impeccable interpretation and a result that must fit for the many opportunities created." A plaudit to the veterans who led the youngest players on the field, who felt this race with the anxiety of first time, a great "brave" also to Labate for the goal but above all for the obscure work that I had asked him, then Sclavo who fought with great ardor and Greggi that as always has run with great sagacity, however good all because certain results are achieved with the union of the group.Today we enjoy this important victories and tomorrow we will think of Naples. "

Spring Championship - Quarterfinals
Networks: Pt. 15 'Labate, st. 7 'Simonetti, 46' Gelmetti.

Agsm Verona: Toniolo, Pavana, Giardini (25 'St Zorzi), Pelucco, Marconi, Dellera (5' St Fasoli), Cutarelli (9 'St Zangari), Gelmetti, Ambrosi, Baldo, Dal Bianco (32' st Brugnoli). A disp .: Bongiovanni, Dal Molin. All .: F.Comin

Res Rome: Caporro, Sclavo, Cunsolo, Greggi, Cela (43 'St Liberati), Caruso, Spagnoli (3' St Lapenna, 40 'St Tumbarello), Simonetti, Labate (46' St Natali), Palombi, Of Giammarino (35 'st. Chiappa). All .: R.Piras.
Referee: Matteo Paggiola of Legnago.

Press Office Res Roma Calcio Femminile

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