On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Important victory of the young lionesses in the first game of the final stages of the spring championship. The girls of Mister Oro have imposed themselves for 5 to 2 against the same age as Zensky Padova. For the lionesses Serturini and Martani scored with a double and Mele.

The first half is well played with Brescia, which gives very little to the Padovans. The 1 0 arrives on a penalty kick for a just foul whistled against Serturini. The joke goes just Serturini who kicks to the right of the goalkeeper and signs the first goal.
The 2 0 arrives on the developments of a corner thanks to Welbek who after recovering the ball on the right puts him back to the center for Martani who, left alone in the area, can stop and kick on goal without problems.
A few minutes pass and the biancoazzurre also find the third goal with Martani who scores the double. Before the 4 at 0 Giulia Meleddu also shows off with a nice intervention coming out of the Padova striker.

The fourth goal is signed by Elisa Mele, good at collecting a ball out of the small area and hurled it at the far post.

The second half always opens with a perky Brescia that immediately finds the goal of 5 0 with Serturini: one-winning duo with Piovani and once entered the area leaves no way out to the goalkeeper freddandola of precision. After the fifth goal the young lionesses lower the pace of play for the benefit of the Paduan who can find two goals.
Despite the low pace and the two goals conceded, Brescia is still close to scoring in a couple of occasions that fade slightly.

The challenge then ends 5 to 2 for the lionesses, authors of a great performance in the first. Among the positive notes we should mention the excellent form of Serturini, for her double in the national team against Belgium debut in Under 19 only a few days ago, and the return to the field of Pezzotta to return from injury .

The next appointment is Sunday 24 May in Jesi for the last challenge of the triangular against Jesina Femminile.

Andrea Grasso

Walter Pettinati
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