Monday, September 16 2019
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Gelmetti (double), Cutarelli and Marconi, sign poker at Grifo Perugia.

On the second day of the national stage of the Primavera championship the girls of Agsm Verona get a clear victory for four nets at zero on the field of Grifo Perugia champion of Italy spring in office.
The hard and gibbous playground, and the wind, do not allow the climbers to immediately set up their own game, even if the Gialloblù reach the advantage at the first opportunity: to the 8 'Ambrosi serves in the Gelmetti area that enters the area and right beats the Perugian number one with a precise right.
The doubling comes to the 23 'with the personal double of Martina Gelmetti that calibra a perfect lob to bypass the goalkeeper.
After a conclusion from outside Marconi, sphere of a nothing to the side, shortly after half an hour arrives the third network of Scala. The signing Sara Cutarelli that deposits on the net the ball crossed by Lisa Dal Bianco after a nice triangulation with Gelmetti.

Toniolo is summoned by Marinelli, the only Perugina to bring dangers in the rear of Verona.
Pelucco answers that he calls Cucchiarini to the deviation in the corner.
The quatern is served at the 35 'with Desiré Marconi who enters the ball crossed by Baldo.
Before the break Ilaria Toniolo is overcome going to reject the conclusion to a safe shot of Marinelli.
In the second half, in favor of the wind, the go-goa scaligera is expected, but instead Perugia defends itself with an order not disdaining any dangerous counterattack.
The new entry Zangari tries in the final, but the aim is not that of the best days.
The match ends four to zero for the scaligere. A comforting result for the game in spite of the difficulties dictated by the pitch, but which will force the Veronese to seek the victory in the last decisive race of the triangular to arrive at the semifinals.
On Sunday at the 11,00, on the synthetic friend of via Sogare, the girls trained by Fabiana Comin will face the Res Roma, who in the first race had netted six goals to the Perugians.

Networks: Pt. 8 'Gelmetti, 23' Gelmetti, 33 'Cutarelli, 35' Marconi.
Grifo Perugia: Cucchiarini, Alessi, Ricci, Bronzetti (21 'St. Parlagreco), Monetini (1' St. Axettettoni), Rosmini, Ceccarelli, Narcisi (30 'St. Fortunati), Franciosa (37' St. Brunelli), Giovannucci (3 'st. Timo). All. Ezio Rosi.
Agsm Verona: Toniolo, Pavana, Fasoli (30 'St. Giardini), Pelucco, Marconi, Dellera, Cutarelli (38' St Zorzi), Gelmetti, Ambrosi (19 'St Dal Molin), Baldo, Dal Bianco (13' St. Zangari). All. Fabiana Comin.
Referee: Stefano Camilli from Foligno, assistants Baroni and Crostella from Foligno.
Notes: Windy day, ground in poor condition. 1 + 4 recovery.


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