On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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The women's training for Perugia recovers a heavy 6-0 at the home of Res Roma, in the first round of the final phase of the category championship. Verona is at home on Thursday
Defeat defeat that remedied by Grifo Primavera Sunday on the field of the Res Rome. The girls of Ezio Rosi were outclassed in the result (6-0) and in the game by the capitoline, in the first race of the final phase of the spring championship. And to say that the grifoncelle had presented the appointment with all other aspirations, but in the minutes and minutes 90 more than the game has widely deserved the victory and the Grifo was not enough, to avoid the fool, the grafting of some big in age from the first team. The game was immediately bad, with the Giallorossi home advantage of four goals already in the first half.

The red and white goalkeeper Marroccoli expelled in the final, has done his part extensively, making the passive still less heavy, with some decisive actions.
'' We always arrived late on second balls - says coach Ezio Rosi - and in the field the girls had their head elsewhere. We had a completely wrong approach to the game ".
The Grifo Perugia after the suffered blow must try to recover as quickly as possible the mental forces, more than physical, in view of the home game against Verona, which is likely to be played on Thursday. '' Against the Venetian - continues Rosi - I expect a clear turnaround. We are aware of our qualities and we are certainly not the team seen in Rome ''. In the aftermath of the heavy defeat remedied in Rome, the president Valentina Roscini intervenes, trying to recharge the environment. '' Unfortunately we have paid the difference on a physical level at a high price. Rome has been well prepared for these final phases while we have weighed the month of inactivity or almost. After this defeat it is difficult to think about passing the turn, but against Verona I expect a reaction from the girls. These are experiences that serve to grow ". The Roscini then takes us to say its about the real earthquake that has been unleashed in the world of women's football after the words of the president of the National League Amateur Belloli. '' If all this were true we would be faced with a real moral poverty and thought, we can not affect realities like those of women's football that live exclusively on the enthusiasm of some managers and on the satisfaction of seeing some athletes grow. Women's football is far from money and the power that gravitate in the male one. We need greater respect and a drastic line, those who have certain thoughts and those who have said certain sentences do not deserve to represent this movement ".

Res Rome-Grifo Perugia 6-0 (4-0)
Grifo Perugia: Marroccoli; Alessi, Ricci (Accettoni), Narcisi (Fortunati), Monetini; Rosmini, Pellegrino (Franciosa), Brozzetti (Parlagreco), Ceccarelli (Rangana); Giovannucci, Marinelli.
Available: Cucchiarini, Peas, Fortunati, Rangana, Parlagreco, Accettoni, Franciosa.
All .: Rosi
Markers: Palombi (2), Labate, Simonetti, Spagnoli, Di Giammarino

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