Wednesday, August 21 2019
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15 spring resromaIn the best possible way, the national phase of the Primavera championship begins for the young Roma of the Res Roma, who beat 6 to 0 Perugia in the first match of the triangular valid for the quarterfinals.

Mister Piras has to do without Pittaccio alone and sends Caporro, Sclavo, Cunsolo, Greggi, Cela, Caruso, Spagnoli, Simonetti, Labate, Palombi and Di Giammarino from the first minute.
The "ressine" store the victory already in the first half, ended on 4 0 for the landlords; the third minute is Captain Palombi to open the scoring with a shot from the edge that exceeds Marrocco; pass four minutes and comes the doubling: assists Simonetti for Labate that tows the ball to the chest and with a nice header exceeds Marrocco.
The Perugia tries to react but does not go beyond a header Marinelli well saved by Caporro. At the twenty-seventh Palombi flies to the left and puts in the middle for the riveting Simonetti who right-hand signs the 3 to 0. Before the rest, a good launch of Sclavo allows Spagnoli to overcome two opponents and to make 4 0 with which you go to rest.
In the second half the script does not change and Marrocco goes into the chair that denies the joy of the goal to Caruso and Palombi, both close to the net on two occasions; the extreme defender Perugino nothing can at the twenty-fifth minute, when Labate, well served by Greggi, signing the fifth goal from the height of the penalty spot.

At the fortieth the Perugians remain in ten for the expulsion of Marrocco, who lands in the Greggi area: the referee draws the red direct and assigns the penalty to the landlord. From the disk Di Giammarino is not wrong and signs the goal of the definitive 6 to 0. At the end of the pole denies the joy of the goal at the entrance Lapenna.
By virtue of this victory the spring team of Res Rome will be back on the field next Sunday on the field of Verona, which will face Perugia on Thursday in the second match of the triangular.
Obviously, the Roma Primavera coach, Roberto Piras, was satisfied: "We played a great race, deserving the victory. I'm happy with the attitude of my girls, who took to the field determined and never gave up. Sunday in Verona we play the historic qualification in the semifinals, so we must immediately archive this victory, and work well in the week ahead of the delicate challenge against the Gialloblu. "



Marking machines: 3 ° Palombi - 7 ° Labate - 27 ° Simonetti - 42 ° Spanish - 70 ° Palombi - 85 ° By Giammarino (rig.)

Res Rome: Caporro, Sclavo (60 'Chiappa), Cunsolo, Greggi (85' Benedetti), Cela (68 'Liberati), Caruso, Spagnoli (70' Lapenna), Simonetti, Labate, Palombi (73 'Natali), Di Giammarino . Available: De Stefano, Pezzola. All .: R.Piras

Perugia: Marrocco, Alessi (46 'Accettoni), Ricci, Narcisi (47'Ranigana), Monetini (50' Fortunati), Pellegrino, Bruzzetti (39 'Franciosa), Ceccarelli (55' Parlagreco), Giovannucci, Marinelli. Available: Cucchiarini, Peas. All .: S.Belia

Expulsions: Marrocco at 85 °

Press Office Res Roma Calcio Femminile

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