Tuesday, September 17 2019
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naples spring training15Week end of the record for the youth of Napoli Calcio Femminile. Thanks to the 2 victories, of the Under 17 on the S.Egidio to the Sabato Series, and to Padula Sunday for the Serie C championship, the two teams have mathematically won the two championships grabbing a "triplete" with the Campania Cup conquered in the months past. A great satisfaction for Catalan mister who radiant after Padula's victory declared: "These results are a victory for the whole Napoli Carpisa family. First of all I have to thank the coach of the first team Alessandro Riccio with the trainer Professor Zavino and the Sport Director Mimmo Paesano. It should be remembered that our group of girls (because of the only group we speak) has also excelled in the Under 17 championship, even if we will not participate in the national finals of the category being engaged in the National Spring finals. We also did very well at the Arco di Trento Tournament, to the point of being considered the favorites of the next edition. But it was not easy to organize and win so much with the problems we had at the Necklace from the month of December onwards.

The structure factor has penalized us for years now. The company makes incredible efforts to ensure us the possibility of training at least 3-4 times a week, and despite the loss of about 40 girls this year, just for these logistical problems, we managed to do well and recreate from the bottom even a new youth sector. Who has believed in us, already this year has achieved remarkable results with victories but also with convocations in the National, (see Auction, Parnolfi, Massa) fruit that our project is a winner and from without doubt the possibility to the girls who want to play football in Campania in a serious, competent and professional environment to grow in the right way. For the next season awaiting news that will affect the National Women's Football and that will see us protagonists, the good news should come from the historical turning point that will take place in the series. And at this point nothing will be more 'precluded. "
The Napoli Women's Football will be back on the pitch for the Primavera national finals next week.

Under 17
Naples - s. Egidio 4 - 0
Under 17: 1 Costagliola, 2 Criscuolo, 3 Pezzella, 4 Cuciniello, 5 Musella, 6 Auction (at 46'vecchione), 7 Esposito R. (at 46 'Mass), 8 Aresu, 9 Esposito F., 10 Sliggizio (al 70 'Happy), Julian 11.
Networks: Esposito F. at 15 ', Giuliano at 24' and 39 ', Aresu at 42.

Championship series C Spring.
Naples cfm - padula: 1-6
Naples: 1 Costigliola, 2 Creeping, 3 De Rosa, 4 Russian, 5 Iavarone (62'cello), 6 Cafiero, 7 Arcuro (46 'Lanzetta), 8 Ricca (82' Iavarone), 9 Ascolese (55 'Sautto), 10 Moraca, 11 Tagliaferri-

Networks At 15 'AND 35' Arcuro, At 42 'De Rosa, At 63' Lanzetta, At 74 'Sautto, At 87' Moraca

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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