Monday, September 16 2019
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napoli spring padula15Thanks to the clear victory with the Ester Center the spring of Nino Catalano arrives at the final stages of the National Spring Championship. In practice, the regional series C championship, this year presented at the starting line three teams participating in the national championship series B. These are obliged to participate in the Primavera national championship, but in fact in Campania the absence of a sufficient number of teams for a regional phase makes this impossible. Already in recent years the Napoli CFM has participated with a team completely in the spring of the Serie C championship without ranking but figuring very well in the national stages, so as to classify consecutively in the last 2 years in the first 4 places in this league and participating in law for 2 years in a row at the "Arco di Trento" tournament, a top-level showcase for youth football for both women and men.

As follows, the regulation is very clear: the team that has the right to participate in the National phases is the one that in the standings is first among the three, with the first team in Serie B or in A. (DOWNLOAD THE RULES)

This season in the Championship the Napoli CFM had to lodge a complaint both in the first leg with the Ester Center and in the return leg with Domina because both teams have lined up, in both games, many non-aged players. We regret it but if this had not been done we ran the risk of being excluded from the final Spring stage at the expense of the collective growth of the entire Campania women's movement. The company has long requested a meeting with President Pastore and the regional Trojan delegate to plan for the next season a different organization of the regional championships in order to encourage the steadily growing growth of the many young people who approach this sport.

Naples: Iavarone S., Cuciniello (56'Longobardo), Giuliano, Iavarone L. (58'Bombara), Musella, Russo, Sautto (64'Albrizio), Aresu (68'Criscuolo), Ascolese, Arcuro, Vecchione (46 ' Fratagnoli).
All. Catalan
NETWORKS: 23'-53'-78 'Giuliano - 10'-42' Russian

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