On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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zensky spring280315From the first few games we realized that this team could have surprised us but in any case our hope remained that of acquiring a position in the upper part of the standings where together with Permac Vittorio Veneto the sacred monsters of Graphistudio Tavagnacco and Pordenone would have certainly excelled.
We could count on a large staff of about 25 girls where the talents to grow and enhance certainly were not lacking.
The experience of the coach Adriano Zilio with the precious collaboration of his assistants Massimo Rapesi, Elena Mingardi and Mirco Baraldo (goalkeeper's trainer) combined with the skilful management of the team manager Massimo Mingardi would be able to make such a young and heterogeneous group competitive?
The key to the turn of the Championship was definitely the 5 ^ day of the first round when away, the 16.11.2014, on the Tavagnacco field you get a very important and painful victory for 1 0 against a team that counted among their own different files girls with A-series experience
Victories, especially like this, make morality; in fact we move from one victory to another until the 9 ^ day, the 14.12.2014, when, away from the field of Pordenone, against a team from the uncontrollable physical superpower we run into the only defeat (heavy 9 1) that will mark our path .
Adriano Zilio proclaims calm but obviously we must rebuild that trust that defeat has scratched.
In January, the Championship resumes as well as our victorious path.
So we arrive at the 5 ^ day of return when the 28.2.2015 in Padua comes to visit us the Tavagnacco.
The meeting is beautiful and ends with the result of 3 0 in favor of our team.
Now we understand that we can also aspire to the victory of the group thanks to the non-positive results of the other top teams.
Constant is the exhortation of our technical staff to humility and concentration.
The 14.3.2015 challenge will be decisive when we will face the traditional Gordige Calcio Girls' opponent at home, because if we win we will be first and unattainable in the standings.
The game sees our affirmation for 3 0 and this unleashes, at the end of the match, the right and irrepressible joy for the goal achieved.
Only missing the icing on the cake that reaches the 28.3.2015 when at home we overcome the Pordenone at the end of a vibrant meeting for 1 0 sporting revenge for the defeat of the first leg.
These are the numbers of our victorious ride:
15 wins, 1 defeat, goals made 92, goals conceded 11
Leading scorer with 14 goal Aurora Favero followed, with 10 nets, by Margherita Giubilato and Maria Vanuzzo
This is the composition of the team:
Goalkeepers: Giulia Boscolo, Erika Cesarato, Elisa Muffato and Rebecca Vieriu
Defenders: Elisa Biasiolo, Jenny Casarin, Laura Didoné, Alice Domeneghetti, Federica Favaro, Francesca Quaglia, Chiara Sabbadin, Laura Zerbetto and Angela Zuin
Midfielders: Arianna Cattuzzo, Caterina Furlan, Nicole Fusetti, Jessica Pauro (Cap.), Anna Pirazzo, Asja Rosso, Claudia Saggion and Selene Seliziato
Attackers: Gioia Bano, Aurora Favero, Margherita Giubilato, Giorgia Nicoletto, Beatrice Pavan and Maria Vanuzzo
Coach Adriano Zilio
Massimo Rapesi athletic trainer with the collaboration of Elena Mingardi
Goalkeeper coach Mirco Baraldo
Responsible Executive Massimo Mingardi

Giuseppe Ferrato
ASD Zensky Padova Women

Walter Pettinati
Author: Walter PettinatiWebsite: www.pettinati.comEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Founder and Editor of calciodonne.it



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