Monday, September 16 2019
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mozzecane primav15It was a bitter derby for the Primavera della Fortitudo that took place on Saturday 7 March on the friendly field of San Zeno against the Primavera of the AGSM Verona.
The opposing team came to Mozzecane with some primaverine absent for disqualification and injury, but with three players who are already part of the first team's squad.
Already from the opening lines we saw the difference in play between the two Veronese teams and at the second minute Verona was already in the lead.
Our girls did not often succeed in freeing up their area and start again on the counterattack as the coach had given directions to the locker room before the start of the race.
The first half ends on the score of 0-3.
In the same shot of the first fraction and the opponents trim three more goals in the door of Fortitudo.
In conclusion, there is no doubt about the superiority of the adversary faced, first in the group standings, but we must also highlight the maximum commitment shown in the field by our Gialloblù, who fought to the maximum of their ability.
After the game the whole team found themselves having dinner together in the new structure at the camp, showing that even after a defeat you have to stay together and collect the positive things to put into practice in the next matches.


Markers: 2 'Gelmetti, 29' From White, 37 'Zangari, 76' Cutarelli, 78 'Gelmetti, 86' Zorzi

FORTITUDO MOZZECANE: Perina, Venturelli, Zanardi (Adami), Costantini, Berzaghi (Negrin), Franchini M., Voltolini, Magalini (Savioli), Tinelli (Da Cruz), Venturini (Piazza), Ciresola.
A disp: Terrazzani
Coach: Pignatelli

AGSM VERONA: Bongiovanni, Fasoli, Ivanova, Pelucco, Marconi, Dellera, Cutarelli, Gelmetti, Zangari, Baldo, Dal Bianco.
Available: Mizzon, Zorzi, Gastaldelli, Brugnoli
Coach: Comin

AT THE STEERING WHEEL: "Dear friend, I am writing to you, so I get distracted a little and then I salute you forever".

Pearl Square

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