Thursday, May 21 2015
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mozzanica sara borgesPractically blurred the "dream" of winning the championship (the 5 points left to Real Meda still torment the dreams of the writer) the girls biancoazzurre remained at least the goal to defeat the current master of the championship: in the last two seasons the field had in fact handed over to the Mozzanica only one defeat and two draws. The conditions for a great performance were all: forgotten the burning defeat with Inter, the last two clear victories in the league and the fact of not having anything to lose put our girls in the best psychological condition. But the games must be played!

Brescia kicked the kick but for well 20 minutes the two teams are studying and is the pressing suffocating of both teams in every part of the field that blocks any possible offensive action. The first action worthy of that name that leads to a conclusion play the Mozzanica, when Pellegrinelli kicks to the side after a nice combination with Borges. Even the Brescia shows up with a couple of conclusions easily blocked by Capeletti. At the 36 'the masterpiece of Borges: from the back comes a ball to Pellegrinelli that first serves Borges, speed control of n. 7 who jumps his opponent, widens to the left to bypass the goalkeeper and scores a great goal. Five minutes later is still the Mozzanica to go close to the goal with a nice action on the left played quickly and all of the former leading the defense outside biancazzurra (Polloni) alone in front of the last defender Brescia: the conclusion is however to forget and ends up at the bottom of the field. There is still time to report a "lob" from the limit of Bonaldi (just above the intersection) and a punishment from Brescia midfield that leads to the shot Mele (always above the crossbar). The first half ends with the advantage of the Mozzanica without taking any particular risks; in the stands awaits the recovery remembering (to exorcise it ...) that even during the home game our girls were leading by two goals to zero.

The second half begins with a free kick by Fusar Poli who shoots from the distance over the crossbar. At the fifteenth hour the first episode that will cause heated discussions in the stands: Taborda intervenes in a crash on Piovani launched to the net. For everyone it is a net intervention on the ball, for the referee it is a penalty! Serturini is placed on the disk and marks the draw: everything to be redone. The match comes on: first Capelletti intervenes again on Serturini, then three episodes for the Mozzanica. Pellegrinelli served by Borges after a quick descent on the right hand side, sure kick but the goalkeeper deflects for a corner. On the corner in Pernigoni the winning deviation on the far post escapes. On the next postponement of the goalkeeper Bonaldi's shot kicked out. At the 26 'great opportunity for Brescia: Serturini shows up alone in front of Capelletti for what looks like a certain goal but our no. 1 is overcome and with the right arm denies a goal already made. Four minutes later is the turn of Borges who with a personal action (this time left) jumps two opponents is focused and alone in front of Ceasar kicks high over the crossbar. It 's the test of doubling: a minute later to the same Borges comes a launch from midfield, speeding through the defender and with a superb lob skips the goalkeeper out. After the wrong arbitration of the penalty seems the most correct conclusion: however, there is still a quarter of an hour. Where our opponents do not arrive comes the referee who "invented" before a free-kick from the edge of the area (a sensational cross from Serturini) and then a free-kick in the area for an irregular play by Capelletti (puts the ball on the ground and then he takes it back? BOH nobody knows!). Our sides are all on the goal line and the resulting punishment is fortunately deflected in the corner. After 5 interminable minutes of recovery the final whistle of the referee ratifies the deserved victory of the Mozzanica.

So a good adrenaline game (not suitable for the faint of heart ...) that highlighted the real value of the girls of Mr. Mondini and showed that, regardless of how the championship will end, the Mozzanica is second to none. MOZZANIC STRENGTH.

ACF Brescia Female: Ceasar, Inverardi, Welbek, Guerini, Zamarra, Contessi, Serturini, Ghisi, Martani, Mele, Piovani. Available: Bettineschi, Milesi, Zanetti, Nervi, Plebani, Martino, Cacciamali.
Coach: Gold Alexander

Mozzanica: Capelletti, Taborda (80 'Viscardi), Polloni (77' Bonacina), Valesi, Pernigoni, Parsani, Borges, Fusar Poli, Bonaldi (81 'Mandelli), Pellegrinelli, Edoci. Available: Giroletti, Macchi, Mandelli, Viscardi, Redolfi, Bonacina, Comi.
Coach: Mondini Alessandro.

Markers: Borges (36 '), Serturini (59'), Borges (76 ').

Walter Pettinati
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