Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Vittorio-Veneto-primavera1114Fourth consecutive victory (out of four games) for the young girls coached by Alberto Castellani. Victim of the day, the adversary of all time the Marcon, (former Mestre) who is rivaling for the summit, with the victors also in the national championship of Serie B.
In an evening of wolves, under a continuous flood of rain, which has put a strain on the perfect turf of the municipal San Fior, the young rossoblu have dominated for a long time, well deserving the victory (over the four goals scored, we count a penalty missed by Rossi and two hit woods). However, they risked the end, when Marcon managed to shorten the gap to a quarter of an hour from the end. But on the 2-1 the grit and determination of the rossoblu came out, which by giving the last remaining strength to the end decided to definitively close the games with Tomio's one-two, Tonon.

THE CHRONICLE - after a favorable start of the black orange bars, the girls of Castellani, decide to take control of the game, thanks to the play of its technically best interpreters: Elisabetta Rossi and Yulia Rati. From the feet of these are born the beautiful openings for the devastating progressions of his bomber prince, Gaia Sovilla who in a few minutes scored the decisive double, which sends the Victorians to rest on the 2-0.
In the second half, after having repeatedly touched the 3-0 network (a resounding shot by Tomio, without fail and with an empty goal, stopped by a pool of water right on the goal line), the cold shower of the opponent's goal on splendid conclusion of the new entry Bosa.
Without fear the mafaldine, they jump forward to finally close the practice, centering almost immediately the goal, with the beautiful goal of his ferret Martina Tomio. Dribbling very elegant in the area, to get rid of a couple of opponents (despite the now prohibitive conditions of the playing field), and the winning keeper under the crossbar to cool the good goalkeeper.
Closes definitively, the practice, with a perfect diagonal at the end, Michela Tonon for the goal of the definitive 4-1. There is time and glory, even for a big parade of the goalkeeper Dalila Canzian to deny the second network of the mestrine.

PERMAC VITTORIO VENETO - MARCON 4-1 (Sovilla, Sovilla, Tomio, Tonon)



1. Canzian
2. From the Pos
3. Canal (Da Ros)
4. Bortoluzzi (Forlin)
5. Spinazze '
6. De Nardi (Zanette)
7. Modolo
8. Rossi
9. Sovilla (Tomio)
10. rati
11. Tonon


1. Vio
2. Terrace
3. Ferrari (Bettio)
4. Ballarin
5. Eibenstein
6. Targhetta (Bosa)
7. Zamberlan
8. Roncato
9. Bernardi
10. Tagliapietra
11. Pavan

Giovanni Bolzan

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