Sunday, May 31 2020
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Siena-Perugia-juniores14Messe KO the Italian Champions.

It was only a month ago that the women's Siena Juniores fell in the last friendly pre-season against Perugia's Italian champions. Yet something has changed since then. The germs of that defeat gave today its sweetest fruits, in a success obtained in the presence of a team with the shield sewed on the chest is worth, for morale and classification, much more than those three simple points in the standings.
The Bianconeri did not come down in the field trembling, in the mind already defeated, as had happened in October: the second time of twenty days ago made her understand that no opponent is too tough, not to deserve to be faced openly. And here we are ready, go, and this time it is the team in Juventus to impose their game and crush the foot on the accelerator, and already at the 13' there are clear warning signs for Perugia, with the cross to kiss Gwiazdowska and Di Fiore, just a few steps from the empty door, lacks the tap in, then Magnani grace the guest goalkeeper by shooting at the stars.

Ready to respond to the Perugina 18', although only on the set, that the biancorosso captain sends a little to the side.
Siena is still at the 20', which begins to become extremely insidious in the air game, first with a slightly high header by Mannucci, then with one by Gwiazdowska directed to the corner where the goalkeeper snatches the ball away from the goal and the applause from the hands of the public. So it is again Perugia to call this time the intervention Nardi, which first blocks an insidious shot on the ground and then produces a real miracle on the conclusion a safe blow from a few steps of the outside of Perugia, which is choked in the throat the shout of the goal.
The race is lively, and only for one case it keeps the scoreless net: at 43', however, an overwhelming descent on the Di Fiore band cuts in two the Umbrian defense, the stretched cross of the Amiatina tip free to the Florea shot, penalty spot, hit the fly in a slightly dirty, but enough to mislead the goalkeeper and take the lead Siena. First, heavy net for the bianconeri veteran this season, and great celebrations.
However, Perugia is determined to return to Umbria with something in hand, and already at the 47' calls once again to the great intervention Nardi, which is repeated in a wonderful parade on the well-angled diagonal of the grifoncelle, once again driven back from the extreme Siena defender.
The recovery promises to be even more difficult, but Gwiazdowska is determined to make things clear immediately, and at 56' produces an overwhelming escape on the left wing, after leaving on the spot the marker draws a trajectory from the short right side the area that bypasses the whole door mirror and slips into the opposite corner. The Siena is ahead 2-0 on the Italian Champions.
On the wings of the enthusiasm the senesine, with the moral under the heels the Perugians, there would also be the space for the goal that definitively closes the matter: on a corner well designed by Magnani, header to cross perfect of Mannucci on the far post, but the goalkeeper is once again prodigious to relax in the dive and literally remove the ball from the bottom corner, avoiding the capitulation again.
The Bianconeri start a bit to accuse the tiredness of a game played at very high rates, but the race does not become a sort of siege at Fort Alamo, indeed. The guests themselves begin to lose their lucidity first, wasting some good opportunities in tiracci to forget, then gradually lose the conviction of being able to straighten things, losing in long balls where Nardi becomes a giant species, which stops between his hands are always heavier balls with disarming security. A giant on which even the last, big Perugian brand, to the 92' ends, with the tip is literally the barred door a few steps away from the big target, and Captain Beligni who, like a great leader, comes out ball to the foot definitively removing that last pitfall, until the triple liberating whistle.
Siena has conquered three points, where few believed it could conquer them. The bianconere have interrupted the unbeatability of a team, with the Scudetto sewed on the chest, which lasted five months, and they did so producing a good game and played by applause. The one on Saturday next in Castelfranco is another of those very demanding races, but nothing is closed to these girls when they express their full value.

Mickey Balducci

Walter Pettinati
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